Ice Cream Cake Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

My birthday is in the middle of summer. As a kid the middle of summer in Phoenix is about 115 degrees. That meant for my birthday parties we always had pool parties. It also meant lots of ice cream. I think because of that my favorite cake has always been ice cream cake. I was never a big cake eater. For some reason I didn’t love cake. As an adult my tastes have expanded and now bring on the cake! Even though I didn’t love cake if you put some ice cream on cake I loved it. My daughter also is obsessed with ice cream! She is so funny she still is putting Christmas sprinkles on her ice cream because I bought an excessive amount of them. She will be celebrating Christmas in July with her Christmas sprinkles. I don’t make cakes very often but I love making cupcakes. That is why I made these fun ice cream cake cupcakes. They have all of the fun elements of an ice cream cake in a cupcake size.

What you need to make them:

Ice cream in the flavor of your choice, I went with birthday cake ice cream!

White or vanilla cupcakes, I usually use a box mix but use any recipe you would like.

Buttercream frosting


  1. Cut off the top of the cupcake so it is flat on top.
  2. Spread some frosting on top either with a knife or put it in a plastic bag with the corner cut off to spread. The nice part is it doesn’t have to be piped all neatly since the ice cream will cover it. You can use food coloring to make the frosting another color to go with a party theme.
  3. Scoop the ice cream on top with an ice cream scoop. I could not find my ice cream scoop so I improvised with a cookie scoop that is why the scoops are slightly too small.
  4. Add sprinkles and any other toppings. You can add a chocolate, caramel sauce, or even more frosting!
  5. Put in the freezerĀ if you are not serving immediately.

Easy Ice Cream Cake Cupcakes

These were seriously so tasty and easy to make! The best thing is you don’t have to cut them up. Ice cream cakes are always a pain to cut because they get so hard.

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