Moana Party Games

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My daughter is obsessed with Moana. She sings the songs, she dresses in Moana costumes, she is a huge Moana fan! I have to say this is one of my favorite Disney movies in recent years. The music is great even when you’ve heard it a zillion times and the whole movie was very well done. I haven’t seen a lot of adult movies in recent years so when we find a good kids movie I get really excited! I was really excited for my daughters Moana party and planned some fun Moana party games for the occasion. We didn’t need too many games but I came up with a few fun ideas! It’s good to have a couple simple games and activities to keep the party moving but keep them easy.

Here are some fun Moana party games and activities:

  1. Water fun! This movie is all about how the water and ocean call her so why not have some water fun play?! We had a blow up water slide that my sister had which the kids loved! You don’t need a water slide though, we had a water balloon fight as well! A kiddie pool filled up with water is fun to cool off or an attachment to the hose to make it a fun sprinkler to run through. Water can entertain kids for hours!
  2. Get the Kakomoras! Using squirt or nerf guns kids can shoot coconut Kakomoras. They can get a certain number of points for ones in different positions. They could be spread throughout a yard and you can make an obstacle course out of it.
  3. Boat races. Have small plastic boats race in a kiddie pool to see who makes it to Maui the fastest! They can use squirt guns to move the boats.
  4.  We had a fun make yourself shiny photo booth with all kinds of shiny props.
  5. You can do even more with making yourself shiny! Use shiny streamers to wrap up in shiny outfits that the kids can’t creative with styles and the best one wins. Depending on the age of the kids you can also have glitter tattoos and glitter makeup.
  6. Rescue the heart of Te-fiti! Have a green ball with the heart of Te-fiti pattern drawn on it. One person can be Maui and try to keep the heart away, other players have to rescue it! You can also have Team Maui and Team Moana.
  7. Hide the Heart of Te-fiti and the kids have to find it. Use a green rock or ball made to look like the heart.
  8. Kakomora coconut bowling! Draw an angry Kakomora face on a coconut and bowl with it! If you don’t have bowling pins to knock down use cups stacked up.
  9. Guess that song! Play a couple second clip of songs from the movie and see who can guess the song. Add in songs from other movies for fun or to confuse the kids.
  10. Musical chairs with Moana music. It’s a classic game that kids still love today!
  11. Watch the movie! This is a fun activity for the party. Make popcorn and watch the movie after kids have gotten some energy out.
Moana Party Games

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