Peppa Pig Desserts

My niece had a super cute Peppa Pig party for her birthday. It is her absolute favorite show and she had to have a Peppa party! If you know me at all you would know I love to make cute party desserts. Nothing difficult to make. Anything I can make anyone else can make too! I made a couple different and easy party desserts for her party that I would love to share with you!

To make muddy puddle cake balls what you will need. Cake pop recipe such as here, green candy melts, and chocolate or chocolate candy melts.

  1. scoop cake balls out on parchment paper with a cookie scoop or roll them into balls.
  2. Put one ball at a time on a fork and dip it into green candy melts. Shake off extra melts. Use a second fork to remove it and put it back on the parchment paper.
  3. Dip a spoon in chocolate. Pour a small amount over the middle of each cake ball. Make it look a little messy and muddy.

I made this chocolate cake. It is any easy cake to make topped with Peppa Pig characters. Just throw a little mud on them to make them extra cute. At first I tried to put some grass then I covered it up. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. All you have to do is frost a cake with chocolate frosting in a wavy pattern, Then cover the top with melted chocolate to make a muddy puddle.

To make pig nose cupcakes you need cupcakes, white frosting, pink sanding sugar, an chocolate chips.

  1. Dip frosted cupcake in sanding sugar.
  2. Put chocolate chip in the middle slightly towards the right.
  3. Then put another in the middle slightly towards the left.

Easy desserts for a Peppa Pig party!

Peppa Pig Desserts

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