Back To School Chocolate Bars

Back to school is a fun time for kids and parents. I think by the end of summer everyone is ready for back to school! What better way to celebrate than with some chocolate. Kids can practice writing letters on chocolates or these are fun to send in school lunches for the first week of school. Nothing complicated to make since there are enough things to do to get ready for school. My daughter is starting first grade and the school supply list is growing! My daughter is excited for this year because it is real grown up kid learning. These chocolate bars are kind of like little chalk boards to write letters. If kids are making them they can write the letters on with a paint brush or with chocolate bottles. It could get messy but it’s also really fun! Plus, every occasion needs chocolate, that is just a fact. Momma needs some chocolate during back to school time that is for sure! Make these back to school chocolate bars for a fun back to school activity with kids!

What you need to make these:

small chocolate bars or divide a large bar up into smaller pieces

white candy melts

alphabet back to school chocolates

These are fun for writing simple math problems or working on letters. You can write math problems for kids to solve with white candy melts. It’s all good fun and they don’t have to look perfect that’s for sure. These back to school chocolate bars are sure to get any kid excited for back to school!

Back to School Chocolate Bars

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