10 Games to Entertain Kids Waiting In Line At Disney

I love trips to Disney they are absolutely the best time and kind of trip to take with kids. Kids will always remember the fun times they had at Disney Land or Disney World. Luckily they probably won’t remember the time spent waiting in line. The crowds and lines can kind of put a damper on an otherwise fun trip. While waiting in line for a few of the rides at Disney World last month I thought why didn’t I plan better for this? I know there will be wait times and I was completely unprepared with ways to entertain my six year old. While spending the time wait I did come up with some fun little games to play in line and around the park. Nothing difficult to do just easy fun for the family and maybe get a few extra laughs. These can come in handy when you are losing energy and waiting in line.

Here are 10 games to entertain kids waiting in line at Disney!

  1. Draw a Disney character. Take a paper and pen or marker. Each person has to take turns drawing a Disney character but the trick is you have to close your eyes while you draw. This can also become more difficult if you are doing it while walking in line and with a time limit! They always turn out looking silly even for the seasoned doodler like myself, not to brag ;).
  2. Disney character charades! You have to pretend to be a character without saying who it is. Act out clues like pretending to swim for Ariel, lose a shoe for Cinderella, and any other creative ways to get the family to guess the character.
  3. I spy. This is a fun and easy game to play in the car and in line at Disney. There are a ton of things to see even while waiting in line. Find something around you and have the rest of the family guess what you “spy”.
  4. Get to know your neighbors game! Try to find people from all different locations around the US. Make a list of all the places that you meet people from. You can meet people from all around the world in that one place so why not get to know them a little bit!
  5. Taste test game! Have a bag of different mystery snacks. The person eating the snack has to close there eyes to eat it and guess what they are eating.
  6. Find treats along the way and bring the in line to eat. Why not eat on the go and while you wait! Not really a game but it passes time and yum.
  7. Disney fun facts! You can use your phone for this. Look up fun facts about the park and the rides.
  8. Hangman with Disney characters. It’s a classic easy game to play on the go and use Disney movies or characters for the words you play.
  9. Simon says. Mom or dad can be Simon and say what the kids should do.
  10. Scavenger hunt. There are so many fun things to see at Disney why not hunt for them as you go from ride to ride. Some you may be able to see from the line or looking for certain costumes people are wearing.

10 Games To Entertain Kids Waiting In Line At Disney

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