10 Ways to Make Your Trip to Disney World Extra Special

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are my family trips. My family went on some fun adventures! We went on cruises, to the beach, and of course to Disney Land! We weren’t constantly on vacation but the times we went on vacation really stuck with me and made memories that I still remember today. I want to take my daughter on fun adventures too and make memories. We recently moved to Florida, which means we will be doing a lot of trips to Disney World. Now we get the awesome discount for being locals, woohoo! I had never been to Disney World before we went this summer since I used to live in Arizona we would only go to Disney Land but I am now in love with Disney World! The added fun of the Animal Kingdom sealed the deal for me. We were seriously impressed with the whole magical place. I wanted to make our trip memorable so I found 10 ways to make your trip to Disney World extra special. It’s the little things that make a big impact and some of these are sure to make lasting memories for you and your family.


  1. Take magical pictures! The castle above is a special place for a photo op. It’s a classic but also make sure to take pictures next to your kids favorite rides, of characters, and have someone take pictures of the whole family, yes mama you need to be in the pictures too for vacation. Then afterwards you can make a collage! 
  2. Enjoy a ride you loved as a child with your child! I was enjoying this Dumbo ride a little too much, probably more than my daughter. I also was always a fan of the Teacup ride and my daughter loves it too. Recreating these memories from my childhood is the best.
  3. Try a new ride! Experience something new to you and your kids. There are so many amazing new attractions and rides that I absolutely loved! The dinosaur ride was a new favorite of the whole family. 
  4. You have to get the day started right with a breakfast of champions! Many hotels and restaurants around the area have Mickey Mouse pancakes or waffles. They are a must and of course you need some whipped cream on top. 
  5. There are so many foods at the park that are a must! Make sure to take advantage of the foods you will only experience at Disney. I loved this Dole Whip on a warm day. I also have to have a churro every time I’m at Disney. I learned recently that they blast the smell of food through the park to entice people even more and it works! I can smell that churro smell before I even see them. 
  6. Dress up! My daughter is a huge Princess Leia fan and she had to wear her costume to Disney. Whether you or your kids go in full costume or just wear matching Mickey shirts, or Mickey ears. Do something fun as a family and get into character.
  7. Meet some characters! We were on a mission to meet as many characters as possible. It made for a fun challenge to spot the characters and meet them. 
  8. Find out when the parades are and make sure to catch one! They have parades going on throughout the day and night so you are sure to catch one. They also have amazing fireworks day and night.
  9. Shows! There are tons of great performances going on, be sure to catch one. Some performances are more interactive for kids as well so if your kid likes to participate those shows are for them! My daughter wanted to do the Jedi training, it is a life long dream of hers and she was beyond excited to be a Jedi. Even in the heat she toughed it out. Some things such as this with participation might require early sign up so make sure to plan ahead and know where to sign up.
  10. Find a special souvenir! I still have my Beauty and the Beast glass figurines from when I was a kid and went to Disney Land. Let your kid pick out one special souvenir. You can also get something little and special that represents your trip and keep it in a special keepsake box. I am cheesy and love to keep room keys, tickets, and papers from our trips in a shadow box. By the way the above balloons were not a souvenir I chose my daughter wanted one but I knew it would be tricky to carry around all day and with rides. If you are getting a ballon wait until the end of the day.

I hope you will make lasting memories with your family on your Disney trip!

10 Ways To Make Your Trip To Disney World Extra Special

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