Easy Galaxy Rocks

Lately I have seen all kinds of pretty rocks people are decorating and spreading around town for others to find. It is also a relaxing activity to paint rocks. I used to paint and draw a lot but I haven’t had as much time to paint lately. I wanted to try out the whole fun rock painting craze and it was so fun! I didn’t find the best rocks at first for painting and these were my practice ones but I love love how they turned out. The best thing about these easy galaxy rocks is they look pretty and really anyone can make them. You can add messages on top as well with white or light blue paint. The key to making the galaxy is to have a variety of colors to add depth to the look of the rocks. They don’t have to look perfect and you can really make them your own way!

What you need to make diy easy galaxy rocks:

rocks, preferably large smooth river rocks

paints in black, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, and white. I added a little gold too for fun!

mod podge

paint brushes

  1. First paint the rock black. I did one rock at a time because they colors blend best with the paint still wet.
  2. Then add dark blue not fully covering the black but covering some of it. Move the paint around in a circular motion starting with the outside working to the inside. Then add streaks of purple also keeping the circular motion and look.
  3. The key is to start with darker colors and move to the lighter ones. Each color add a little less paint. 
  4. Add light blue and pink. I did the blue close to the purple and the pink close to the blue right below or around it. Keep it in a circular motion but don’t over blend. The colors will kind of swirl together a bit making fun patterns.
  5. Then take white paint on a small pant brush. Take your index finger and pull back the brush then let it go making sprays of white over the rocks. Hold it a few inches away from the rocks and repeat the spray on different parts of the rock.
  6. I also added small parts or sprays of gold but that isn’t necessary.
  7. Once the paint is dry you can paint over a coat of mod podge to give it extra shine.

Gorgeous DIY Galaxy Rocks

I am so happy with how these turned out and how simple it was to make diy galaxy rocks. These ones were tiny but on larger rocks you can paint messages such as “dream on” “think big” “no limits” and “shine bright”. Just a few ideas to right on them to brighten someones day and spread kindness. It’s always nice to be reminded of the magic of the universe and make your own little universe.

Easy Galaxy Rocks

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