Easy Ocean Rocks

Sometimes you can get to the beach and other times you need the beach to come to you! I made these easy ocean rocks to bring a little calm into my life and have some fun painting. I love how they turned out. We also live about ten minutes from the beach and I thought spreading them around by the beach would be fun! I couldn’t find big rocks when I first looked so I decided to practice on some smaller ones. With larger rocks you can paint sayings on them as well. Spread them by the beach or around town with some kindness messages. I love the trend to spread kindness and kind messages to strangers. These were so easy for anyone to make and the end result is super pretty!

What you need to make these easy ocean rocks:

paint: dark blue, light blue, and white

mod podge

paint brushes

  1. Paint the rock with dark blue paint.
  2. Add a couple dots of light blue and spread them across the rock. Cover some of the dark blue but leave some exposed.
  3. Add dots of white and move the brush around in small circles on the rock in a few spots spread out through the rock.
  4. Then let it dry and add a coat of mod podge to add shine.

They all look a little bit different and unique. I love how pretty and simple these easy ocean rocks were to make. You can add sayings with white paint like “keep calm” “vitamin sea” “ride the wave” :seas the day”. Any fun sayings people might like when you spread the rocks.

Easy Ocean Rocks


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