Pineapple Party Favors

Pineapple Party Favors or Treat Cups

Summer is coming to an end and I thought I would go out with a bang! A bang of colorful fruit party ideas. I am ready for fun but I live by the beach and will definitely be continuing the tropical vibes all year! I made these simple pineapple party favors or treat cups perfect for a fruity or tropical party theme! These are fun for all kinds of parties for kids and adults. Pineapples are my favorite summer fruit to eat and they are just so cute for decorations too. I painted pineapples before for cute decorations, made pineapple cupcakes, and now pineapple party favors! I’m a one stop pineapple party idea place here. You can make these pineapple cups for party favors or to hold candy or other foods. Guests can unwrap them for a surprise food, that would be fun!

What you need to make them:

yellow cups

green tissue paper

ribbon or twine

black sharpie


treats or favors to fill them

  1. Take the cup and draw v shapes spread out on the side with a black sharpie. I used a pen because I can’t seem to find my black sharpie, I’m always losing the things I need for a project! A black sharpie would work better than a pen but a pen works too just go over the lines a few times to darken them.
  2. Take a half of a green pieces of tissue paper and put the favors in the middle. Tie the top together so it is right around the rim of the cup or just below.
  3. Cute the top to even it out or if it is really tall cut it down slightly. Then fringe the top with scissors cutting downward around the tissue paper in a circle.

Then you are done!

Pineapple Party Favors/Treat Cups

These little cups are so cute and easy to make! I got the cups and tissue paper from the dollar store! Makes me want to keep the tropical vibes going into fall!

Pineapple Party Favors


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