Jack O Lantern Treat Bags

Continuing with fun and easy Halloween treat bags I have these easy jack o lantern treat bags. These are simple to make and oh so cute! I made them in orange and gold. The black and gold work great for adult gifts and parties. The orange is cute for kids. The gold looked really good in person but didn’t photograph as well. I love simple ideas for holidays because nobody has time for anything too complicated. Plus, anyone and.I mean anyone can make these little jack o lantern treat bags. I must confess that I really do not like making actual jack o lanterns. Carving pumpkins is such a pain in the butt. Maybe I’m just bitter because mine always turn out uneven and just all around horrible. Now they make cute stencils for the pumpkins but even with those carving is just not my jam. However, making treat bags is and that is why I am sticking to what I know on the blog.

What you need to make them:

orange or gold tissue paper

black marker or sharpie


treats to fill it with

  1. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and then fold it in half again the other way(length and width).
  2. Add treats. This can be candy or just fun stuff such as stickers and erasers.
  3. Wrap the tissue paper over the treats from all sides and twist it together on the top.
  4. Then add a piece of tape around the top wrapping it tightly around a couple times.
  5. Cut off any extra tissue paper on top of the taped part.
  6. Color the tape in black with a black sharpie or permanent marker.
  7. Draw the jack o lantern face on one side with black marker. Two triangles for the eyes and a zig zag mouth. I couldn’t find my normal sharpie so I used a thick black marker. It didn’t turn out as neat but it still worked.

Jack O Lantern Tissue Paper Treat Bags Orange Tissue Paper Jack O Lantern Treat Bag Gold Jack O Lantern Treat Bag

It cannot get any easier than these easy jack o lantern treat bags. I think they are the perfect little party favor or bags for kids on Halloween. Kids can help make them too!

Jack O Lantern Treat Bags

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