Monster Treat Bags

I’m ready to get into the Halloween fun! Candy, monsters, and pumpkins oh my. Halloween is such a fun holiday. It’s in my top 2 for sure. This year I have a bunch of fun simple Halloween ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you all! These monster treat bags are such a simple idea for handing out candy, little treats for classes, and kids. Kids can help make them and I whipped them up in minutes. I just love the simple ideas that still turn out oh so cute. I haven’t made any creepy projects for Halloween this year but as my daughter gets older I plan to add in some of the fun and spooky side of Halloween. My mom started us early with the scary movies but I think with my daughter she would never sleep alone again if I showed her one of the scarier Halloween movies. I still can barely watch the Chuckie movies. So for now we will stick to the simple innocent side of Halloween.

What you need to make these adorable monster treat bags:

google eyes


colorful tissue paper, I used green and blue

rubber bands or curling ribbon

candy or treats

  1. Take a piece of tissue paper and fold it into a square.
  2. Add candy or other treats.
  3. Bring the sides together and tie them over the treats with a rubber band or curling ribbon.
  4. Take scissors and fringe the top by cutting downward towards the bag.
  5. Spread out the cut fringe pieces. 
  6. Put tape on the back of the eyes and add them to the bag. Some I did with two eyes, some with one, and some with three. Monsters have all different amounts of eyes!
  7. Draw on a mouth with a marker or sharpie. This can be in a circle, smile, or zig zag pattern.

Easy Halloween Monster Treat Bag Halloween Tissue Paper Monster Treat Bags

These cute monster treat bags were super simple to make and kids absolutely love them! They are perfect for class gifts or even a fun way to hand out candy to friends! I’m sure I will make extra with left over Halloween candy to give out to friends.

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