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Fun Treat Yourself Gift Basket

There are few things in life that I love more than chocolate. The women in my life are one of those things that I love even more than chocolate! Earlier this summer I moved across the country. I used to live just a few minutes from my parents and sister. My family has always been very close and it is hard to be apart from them. While I am enjoying the beach life in Florida and starting my own family, I do miss my loved ones! One great way to stay connected to loved ones is to send gifts. My sister is one of the most amazing women I know. She puts her family first and doesn’t do enough to treat herself. I wanted to give her a spa day experience at home. This gift was easy to put together with the 31 oz DOVE Chocolate PROMISES from Sam’s Club, a few do it yourself elements to give it a personal touch, and all wrapped together in a soft robe. I made cute printable tags for the overall gift and individual items in it. I also will show how easy it is to use the chocolate canister from DOVE Chocolate PROMISES to make a fun spa gift. However, you have to take out some of the chocolate and keep it for yourself to make a spa gift canister. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it! The variety of flavors in the DOVE Chocolate PROMISES includes Dark Chocolate, White & Dark Chocolate Swirl, and Sea Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate. They are all so good. These two spa gift ideas are perfect for showing friends you appreciate them. My sister can have a whole fun and relaxing day with all of these goodies. Gifts as a surprise are always nice and who wouldn’t love being sent this fun gift or having it hand delivered to their doorstep.

My sister juggles a lot with her two energetic young girls. Her husband also travels for work and sometimes she is alone with the girls. She has had extra stress in life with an illness that has been difficult to diagnose and suffering from anxiety. Despite all of life’s obstacles she manages to be a fun mom and a person for others to lean on. She is someone I look up to and admire. That is why she deserves some extra love and chocolate. This gift should help her get the recharging rest and relaxation she deserves.

DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 31 oz canister can be found in Sam’s Club towards the front of the store in the chocolate aisle. Find your local Sam’s Club HERE.

Sign up for an Ibotta account and earn $1.50 with a purchase of the 31 oz canister of DOVE Chocolate PROMISES. They are doing amazing things to empowering women and making it the perfect gift for women! DOVE Chocolate PROMISES, produced by Mars Wrigley Confectionary, was the perfect fit for my gift because there CARE program is working to empower women on the Ivory Coast who grow cocoa. DOVE Chocolate PROMISES and CARE build Savings and Loan Associations in the communities where the cocoa is grown. The female farmers can invest in their farms and empower their communities.  I must confess, I often don’t think about the hard work and love that goes into making these creamy chocolates. Luckily, DOVE Chocolate PROMISES is putting the time and CARE into empowering the women who make it and improving their lives. They are dedicated to improve economic and social opportunities for women. Provide resources to assist women in advancing their yields and income.  Also, give women oppotunities to make decisions in their cocoa farming area. It’s really amazing when you think of the journey that chocolate has made from the hard working women who farmed it.

Also each chocolate includes an inspirational message! It’s a little surprise in each wrapper. I will be listening to the wrapper that says to “Ignore the clock”.

Now to make the gift. For the eye mask you need:

fabric in a soft texture, any color or pattern you like


flax seed, cotton stuffing, or extra fabric for padding

hot glue gun or fabric glue



  1. Fold a strip of fabric about 2 inches long and 1 foot wide in half.
  2. Fold it in half, cut rounding the sides that are not folded. Then unfold it and see if you need to even out the bottom at all. The middle part I made a bit more round after unfolding. You can use an eye mask template but I found this technique to be easy enough. Plus, the top fabric staying connected makes it easy to stuff and no sewing involved for the sew challenged such as myself.
  3. To stuff it first glue around the top, sides and part of the bottom leaving the middle open to stuff. I laid the stuffing out on the inside of the mask first to see how much I needed. Add flax seed, extra fabric, or cotton stuffing. I used cotton stuffing. Once inside you can spread the stuffing out with your fingers until the whole mask is padded or filled up.
  4. Glue along the edges with hot glue or fabric glue.
  5. Add ribbon for decoration and on the sides to tie in the back. I personally made a fun swirly ribbon pattern but that part is not necessary. You can personalize it and decorate it any way you want.

I added some stickers that say NOPE on top. This can also be done with vinyl and a die cutting machine. I thought it was a cute touch since especially for moms if you are even trying to nap someone will probably try to wake you up or ask you something. The answer is NOPE, not while mom gets some much needed rest. I also made a tag that says “Face It You’re Great”! The tag could also work for a face mask tag. You can make homemade face masks or buy them. I included a store bought one since I didn’t have enough time to make everything. I like to add some homemade elements with store bought ones to give variety and personal touches.

I made these homemade bath bombs with a few simple ingredients to add to the gift. It was my first time making bath bombs, but it won’t be my last.

What you need to make them:

1/2 cup citric acid

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup corn starch

1/2 cup epsom salt

5 drops scent or essential oil

pink or colorful cosmetic pigment or food coloring

Spray bottle with water and olive oil

Round or other shape mold

  1. Mix dry materials together including the citric acid, baking soda, corn starch, and epson salt.
  2. Spray with water and oil in spray bottle. Add a little bit at a time and keep stirring.
  3. Add essential oil drops or scent. Stir.
  4. Add color and stir.
  5. Set in molds to settle for a couple hours.

Now to make an easy spa gift from a DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 31 oz canister! This size canister is perfect for a spa gift!

  1. Remove a little more than half the chocolate. Keep the extra chocolate for yourself to eat!
  2. Eat DOVE Chocolate PROMISES while you make it, just kidding, but that is an added bonus!
  3. Add fun spa stuff such as bath pouf, nail polish, a face mask, bubble bath, or an eye mask. You can really add any variety of spa or beauty products. Make the gift personal for the recipient.
  4. Close the canister, add bath bombs with a printable tag, and then a printable tag on top.

I love how cute this spa canister turned out! Most of the spa product colors coordinated really well with the chocolate.

Now for the fun robe gift bag!

  1. Fold up the robe rolling it from the bottom towards the top but stop rolling it below the collar.
  2. Add all of the spa goodies with the DOVE Chocolate PROMISES canister first to keep it stable in place. You can add a few larger products and then more after it is tied.
  3. I used the tie from the robe to keep the basket together. You can use a large rubber band around it first to keep everything really in place then the robe around it. Then you can even add a ribbon around it at the end to really keep everything from moving.

Fun Treat Yourself Gift Basket

Get the PRINTABLE TAGS for all of the gifts HERE!

The robe worked perfectly for a gift bag and it is the softest gift bag I’ve ever used! You can’t feel the softness through pictures but trust me you would jump right into the robe after opening this gift. My sister is just going to love this thoughtful gift. It is the perfect gift for any woman in your life to make them feel special. I will be making more of these robe gifts come holiday time and gifts using DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 31 oz canister from Sam’s Club.

My favorite of the chocolates is the Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Chocolate. It is so tasty! What is your favorite? I love this DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 31 oz pack for the variety in flavors.



Spa Gift Ideas
Spa Robe Gift Bag


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