DIY Unicorn Ornament

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Are you all ready for Christmas? Yes, I know it’s not even Halloween or Thanksgiving but Christmas is my favorite craft time of year. The best thing about these DIY Unicorn Ornaments is that you can hang these up year round. Unicorns are cute for kids rooms and really any occasion. I might have to hang some of these cuties in my office. It has kind of a unicorn vibe anyways. I used a few simple materials from Dollar TreeĀ to get this cute look with faux flowers, gems, and gold pipe cleaners to make a sparkly cute unicorn ornament. Anyone can make these and they are cute for kids to help out with the stick on gems and drawing the face. Although, leave the hot gluing up to the professionals.

What you need to make these:

white paint

clear ornaments

small colorful faux flowers


stick on heart gems

  1. Remove the top of the ornament.
  2. Put white paint inside of clear ornaments and move the ornament around until the sides are covered inside with the white paint.
  3. Flip the ornament upside down and let it dry.
  4. Put the top back on.
  5. Hot glue the sides of the top.
  6. Add flowers folded in half down along the sides.
  7. Add stick on heart gems.
  8. Draw the face on with a sharpie.
  9. Add a gold pipe cleaner horn.

These pretty and simple ornaments are perfect for all ages to make and decorate.




Dollar Store DIY Unicorn Ornaments

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