Fairy Garden Ornaments

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In the spring I always love to make fairy gardens. I thought it might be fun to bring some of the fairy garden magic into Christmas. I love making my own ornaments and adding new ones to the tree each year. Over the years I have gotten a bit of a collection and these fairy garden ornaments are the perfect addition to my collection. I made these with the help of a few dollar store materials. When I saw their Christmas decorations out I went a little crazy and snatched up a bunch of the fun ornaments and things before they run out! You can also find supplies online. Don’t you just love shopping in pajamas?! Especially with a kid sometimes it is difficult to find time to run out and get things for craft projects. I love how these ornaments turned out! The butterflies on the outside make it look like they are flying away or the butterfly is carrying the garden. It’s whimsical and beyond easy to make.

What you need from the Dollar Tree to make them:

clear ornaments


small pebbles or rocks

small faux flowers

butterfly decorations
Magical Fairy Garden Accessories at DollarTree.com

  1. Remove the top of the ornament and set it aside.
  2. Fill a third of the ornament with moss. I used a pencil to help push it in and only added a little bit at a time. You can use the pencil to spread it around.
  3. Add a couple small rocks.
  4. Add two or three small faux flowers. 
  5. Cut off the wire attached to the butterflies.
  6. Put a small amount of hot glue on the back of the butterfly decoration.
  7. Press it firmly on the side of the ornament.
  8. Put the top back on.

Beautiful Fairy Garden Ornaments

The fairies will be really happy in this little fairy garden. I would love to decorate a whole tree with butterflies and fairies. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?! These were beyond easy to make and I really love how they turned out.


This video shows how easy it is to make these Fairy Garden Ornaments in minutes!

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