Halloween Party Games

All Hollows Eve is almost upon us! Halloween is one of the best holidays for party games. Kids and adults love a good party game and I’ve come up with some easy ideas to entertain a crowd. You can also just play some of these for fun with kids. It’s a spooky good time of year to play games. I’m not going to big Halloween parties at this point in my life but I love getting together with a few friends for a Halloween night. My daughter is also obsessed with Halloween and all things spooky. She helped me come up with some fun and easy Halloween games. Neither one of us have the patience for putting together anything elaborate for games and activities. You can put any of these ideas together in minutes to entertain guests at your Halloween party!

  1. Zombie tag. This is a popular one with kids. Many of them play it at school but it translates well to Halloween since zombies are a big Halloween thing. 1 person is the zombie and the rest are humans. The zombie tagger can’t run and has to walk like a zombie to tag other players. When they are tagged they become a zombie too and tag others. This is a great game for the backyard or outdoors. 
  2. Glow stick ring toss. Since most Halloween parties are at night glow stick ring toss is a fun game. You can use witches hats, skeleton arms and legs, or ghost cans to toss the rings around.
  3. Glow ghost hide and go seek! I love hide and go see even as an adult. Make it a little extra spooky by playing in the dark with just a flashlight or glow sticks. Play spooky music and pretend to find the “ghosts”. 
  4. Ghost can bowling. Decorate white paper to look like ghosts. Wrap it around empty cans. Either stack them up or in a pin formation to knock down.
  5. Don’t get tangled in the web! Use yarn or white streamers to make a “web” in a room that people have to climb around to get across the room. Set it up as an obstacle course. 
  6. Mummy wrap! Teams have to wrap one team member as a mummy using white streamers. This can be a race to see who can wrap the mummy the fastest and a mummy race at the end!
  7. Monster mash! Have a monster mash dance party with Halloween music. Everyone has to stop dancing when the music stops, if you don’t stop fast enough then you are out. Last monster standing wins!
  8. Pumpkin decorating/carving contest. Everyone has to come up with creative ideas for their pumpkin. The most creative pumpkin wins!
  9. Costume contest. Have a costume fashion show then a contest at the end. Points for creativity!
  10. Guess the food. This is a fun game I played as a kid. Put out foods that people have to guess what they are by squishing them when blindfolded. It fits for Halloween because of the messy and gross part. You can also come up with funny names for things like spaghetti is “witch hair”, grapes are “eyeballs”, and sauce is “blood”. You can also do a weird food taste test because what is more scary than mystery food?!
  11. Eyeball toss! Get ping pong balls and draw eyes on them. People have to throw them into cups across the table. Whoever gets all of the other teams cups first wins. This is kind of like beer pong and you can play it as beer pong for adults and use candy for a kids game.
  12. Pumpkin toss! Toss ping pong balls into plastic pumpkins lined up across the room or yard. Try to get further away each time you throw them.
  13. Halloween charades. Act out fun Halloween characters and guests have to guess what it is from werewolf, vampires, ghosts, and more!
13 Fun Halloween Games

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