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As the weather gets nicer out my fiance and I have been dying to get outdoors to explore. We live not too far from fun places to camp and explore. We decided to plan a trip to go see some caves that are a couple hours away. Getting outdoors and in nature is amazing for a change of scene. I sometimes need to get unplugged and just explore the outdoors. With busy schedules and juggling mom life, I needed a break! Luckily, my fiance loves going on adventures and exploring nature. It was the perfect way to celebrate organic month in September with Honest Tea® and Simple Truth® Beef Jerky to fuel us on our adventure. Honest Tea is authentically a step above, every day. They stand for being authentic and genuine, which you really feel in their tea brewed with fresh ingredients. It is such a refreshing beverage, perfect for on the go and our camping adventures. My fiance loves organic, fair trade products and tea is his favorite. He starts the day with iced tea since he is not a coffee drinker. Having Honest Tea and Simple Truth Beef Jerky for our adventure made him one happy camper, literally!


As a busy mom, it is nice to get out in nature and slow down. That is why we plan on doing a ton of camping in the future. Right now we are in the process of stocking up on camping gear. Camping gear might be on our wedding registry list! In any situation, I have to plan some extra fun games and activities. The little things make a camping trip extra memorable. I came up with entertaining camping games and activities to help us maximize our camping trip. For Organic Month we stocked up on our favorite organic snacks with Honest Tea and Simple Truth Organic Beef Jerky. You can also find them at Krogers and Kroger banner stores. In the store, I found the Simple Truth Beef Jerky next to the other beef jerky and nuts. The Honest Tea was in the beverage aisle. What road trip is complete without beef jerky? It’s always been a staple when I travel. We also love Honest Tea for a refreshing drink while we camp. I love that it is just a tad sweet.


I have a ton of ideas for outdoor games and activities. There is something for everyone and all interests. For me, camping just reminds me of the fun games I played as a kid at summer camp. Adults need more of that fun in their lives and to escape from the tedious tasks of day to day life. There is no better way to do that than to get outdoors and just play! I love that I can be silly and playful with my man. That is one of the secrets to staying happy in our relationship and making time to bond.

Here are my fun Camping Outdoor Games and Activities:

  1. Tree tag. Play a classic game of tag with a natural twist. Pick a couple trees that are safe zones. When you are holding the tree you can’t be tagged but you can only hold on to the safe trees for 5 seconds.


  1. Nature walk. A nature walk is a great way to slow down. Really take in the sites around you and see all the beauty in nature.

  2. Hike. If you are in a mountainous area hiking is a great option for seeing the area and literally getting to new heights. The views from a mountain are always the highlight for me. Being from Arizona hiking was always one of my favorite activities because of the views from the top.

  3. Hide and go seek. As an adult, this game loses its fun in the house because it is way too easy. Out in nature, this can still be a challenge with trees, logs, bushes, and other things to hide behind. I love playing outdoor hide and go seek!


  1. Stick hopscotch. Another classic that can be fun. Use sticks to make a type of hopscotch. You can make all different patterns or challenges for jumping over. Make the squares spread out so you have to jump really far. This can also be set up as a part of an obstacle course.

  2. Build a fire. I kind of know how to build a fire but it is one of those things that makes me feel really accomplished when I do it right. Being outdoors you want to know that you can fend for yourself and building a fire is a fun way to do that. Plus, it is a necessity. If you have a group of people challenge them to build a fire the fastest. Make sure to be prepared and safe when building a fire.

  3. Cornhole. This has become a staple with outdoor entertaining and it is a game that can be transported for a camping game. Easy for backyard fun and camping!

  4. Pinecone toss. Pinecones work great as a ball for games. Not to throw to other people because ouch but for other games. People can have to toss pinecones into a cup or who can toss it the farthest. Have a rock that is the target and move it further away each time. Whoever can throw it the farthest and still hit the target wins. You can also use a cup to throw it into and play the pinecone version of the basketball game horse.


  1. Ring toss. Use extra or empty bottles of Honest Tea set them up in a triangle to toss rings around. I use embroidery hoops for rings because I tend to have them. You can also use glow sticks at night or other large rings.

  2. Horseshoes. This has always been a classic outdoor game for me. What I love about this game is it is small and easy to transport.

  3. Camp stories. One of my favorite things about camping is sitting around the fire and telling camp stories. These can be scary stories or just silly stories. People can talk about their camping adventures.

  4. Find animals. Try to see how many animals you can find out in nature. Of course, respect the animals and give them their distance but seeing all of the critters is a fun part of camping.


  1. Scavenger hunt. I made a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet. It’s perfect for camping trips!


  1. Tic tac toe. I made a delicious version of tic tac toe involving Simple Truth Organic Beef Jerky. This is a fun and tasty way to play the game while you snack.

  2. Soccer. All you need is a ball and at least two people to make a soccer game outdoors. Use trees or sticks for goal posts.

For the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, I made a list of fun things you can search for in nature. Take pictures of animals and plants for the hunt. Try to finish the scavenger hunt fastest to win. A little friendly competition is always fun! You can also collect a little nature jar as you go to bring back home and remember your trip.


In the spirit of truth and honesty, I let my fiance take some honest pictures of me. I decided to share some of the ones that I don’t feel are the most flattering but he was honestly making me laugh. Those are the pictures he loves the most and I usually won’t let the world see. In general, I rarely share pictures of myself, but Honest Tea inspired me to share some of myself.


We had a ton of fun on our camping adventure. The caves we went to were really cool and we had a blast with all of the games! Honest Tea and Simple Truth Beef Jerky were the perfect snacks to bring along on our adventure. It was the perfect trip to recharge and have fun in nature.

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Camping Games and Activities


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