Trick Or Treat Bag

Part of the fun of Halloween is who you spend it with. Kids love to get together for trick or treating together. My sisters neighborhood is where we have been trick or treating for the past few years. The cousins and their friends all like to get together for trick or treating. Now we are in a new place but I still want to make trick or treating fun for my daughter. We are going to invite some new friends along to trick or treat. For the occasion I made these fun little “trick or treat bag” and “trick or treat squad’ Halloween bags. They are filled with fun little goodies for kids on Halloween. You could also have these for adults at an adult party for party favors. For the kids I put glow sticks and glow bracelets, rings, stickers, erasers, and candy. There are a ton of creative little goodies you can put in these bags including Halloween socks, headbands, necklaces, temporary tattoos, anything glowing or neon, and candy.

What you need for the bags:

Halloween themed goodies. The dollar spot at Target has some fun stuff!

cellophane bags

tissue paper


printable goodie bag tags CLICK HERE

Put the goodies in the bag.

These little bags are really easy to make for the kids and they will love them. Plus, it helps them stay together as a squad when you trick or treat! Make them all glow and easy to spot.

Trick Or Treat Favor Bags

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