Witch Hat Party Favors

I’m feeling a little witchy with Halloween coming up! Not in an evil witch way. Ok maybe sometimes I wish I could act a little more witchy or sometimes I do act witchy like when I tell my daughter to pick up her toys for the 100th time. Overall I think I’m a good witch and handing out little witch hat treats makes me a really good witch. I always liked the spooky stuff as a child but as a mom I also enjoy the cutesy side of Halloween. These easy diy witch hat party favors are really cute to add candy too or little Halloween gifts, I made them tiny to be able to make enough for a whole group of kids. Plus, if you want to get all of the candy out of the house so you don’t eat it all(or is that just me?) this is a cute way to give it out to friends. Little chocolates or any little and cute candies would be perfect for these witch hat party favors.

What you need to make them:

black card stock paper




stickers or gems if wanted

  1. Use a cup to trace a circle for the bottom of the hat and cut out.
  2. Cut a strip of paper about 2 inches thick. Twist the paper around to form a cone and tape the edges together. Cut the bottom to even it out. 
  3. Add candy to the inside of the cone.
  4. Put the circle bottom on top of the upside down cone. Add tape on the sides. I put the tape on the inside adding one side at a time but you can do it on the outside if you cover it up with ribbon.
  5. Flip over the hat and add ribbon. I used raffia because that is what I had but purple or orange ribbon would look really cute. Tie into a bow on the end.
  6. Add stickers, gems, or other embellishments if desired.

Witch Hat Party Favor Cups Witch Hat Party Favor Treat Cups

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