Pie Bar Printables

I love Thanksgiving and all of the food. I don’t usually eat a ton of turkey but I love stuffing, mashed potatoes, and my favorite food mom’s meatballs. The meatballs aren’t a Thanksgiving thing they are a family recipe that my grandmother invented and hopefully one day I will learn how to master them. The whole meal is amazing and I am getting my fat pants ready. This is why I should have kept my maternity pants, those things were the best with the stretchy waist! I may have worn them for two years after my daughter was born because all jeans should have stretchy waists. Anyways I love all the foods but after the food I have to save room for some of all the pies. This year we will have apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie! Plus, chocolate chip pumpkin bars and chocolate cake. We have a lot of talented bakers in the family. I will be working on the pumpkin and pecan pie. I’ve only made these a few times but they are my favorites. Did you know there is a separate part of the stomach for dessert? That’s just a fact! There’s always room for pie. Pie is so amazing it deserves its own bar and printable so I had to make some pie bar printable. They look like pumpkin pies and turned out adorable. I also had to make some fun and silly signs. They say “Dibs On The Apple” “I’m Stuffed….Oooh Pie!” and “You Had Me At Pie”. These printables are so easy to put together last minute to make your pie serving area into a pie bar.

Pie Bar Banner Pumpkin Pie Printables

You can use the pie pieces for banners, table decor, or pie box toppers.

Get the Pumpkin Pie Decor HERE.

Get the Pie Bar Banner HERE.

Get the Pie Bar Funny Signs HERE.

I know your pie bar will be a huge hit at Thanksgiving! Everyone loves pie!

Pie Bar Printables

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