Thanksgiving Leftovers Bags

Thanksgiving is the time to eat as much as your heart desires. Also to be thankful for all that food, friends, and family. My eyes are often bigger than my stomach and at a certain point I am just stuffed and can’t eat any more. Luckily for me there are always leftovers. My mom cooks enough to send everyone home with leftovers and then I can just live off of that meal for a week. It is that good I could eat it all week.I made these cute little turkey Thanksgiving leftovers bags. You can put food in plastic bags in these paper bags to take to go or small Tupperware. The printable tag says “I’m Stuffed…With Leftovers!”

What you need to make them:

free printable CLICK HERE

brown paper bags

white card stock paper

googley eyes

red, yellow, or orange napkins

orange paper cut into triangles

  1. Tape or glue the eyes, triangle beak, and printable on the front.
  2. Fill with bags or Tupperware of food.
  3. Put 3 napkins in the top. They are cute and good for messes!

You can set these up as decorations then fill with food before people are ready to leave the Thanksgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Bags Thanksgiving Turkey Bags

I think they turned out so cute and it’s the perfect solution for easily sending home guests with leftovers. No one will forget their leftovers in these cute bags!

Thanksgiving Leftover Bags

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