Christmas Party Food Toppers

Reindeer and Snowflake food toppers

This is one of those Christmas projects I thought of last minute, winged it, and they turned out super cute! Sometimes I plan and plan, then the project turns out like crap. Other times I get in the zone, improvise, and something good comes out of it. I was having a Christmas Day of crafting, Christmas music, pjs, and eating Christmas cookies with my daughter. We came up with these fun sparkly Christmas party food toppers made out of pipe cleaners. We made reindeer, Christmas trees, and snowflakes oh my. I’m going to show how to make the little snowflakes. The trees are super easy and the reindeers are the hardest but oh so cute. All in all it is an easy shiny and fun craft. Really great for making with kids. So I have pictures for the snowflakes, the trees you can figure out from the instructions but the reindeer I made a video and I just need to figure out how to upload that to give you the whole tutorial of how to make them. Overall they are all easy peasy to make!

For the snowflakes you need:

silver pipe cleaners, toothpicks, and hot glue

  1. Cut the pipe cleaner in half.
  2. Then cut the halves in half.
  3. Twist them all together.
  4. Spread out all of the end pieces.
  5. Cut off ends to make them more even.
  6. Glue the middle to a toothpick with hot glue.

Christmas trees:

Green sparkly pipe cleaners, star stickers, and toothpicks.

  1. Starting from the top of the tree make a zig zag pattern with the pipe cleaner.
  2. Make it a little bit wider each time until you are to the bottom.
  3. Wrap the bottom around a toothpick.
  4. Put two star stickers at the top one on each side, sticky side facing the inside, stuck together.

For the reindeer:

Gold pipe cleaners, small red craft balls, and toothpicks.

  1. Bend a gold pipe cleaner in half with the ends on the right.
  2. Bend the left side down and make a small leg.
  3. Then take the right side and fold the bottom part down and the top make a loop for the face.


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Christmas Party Food Toppers

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