Easy Hot Cocoa Bar

Simple Cocoa Bar

For my hot cocoa bar, I had big plans! However, life has been a bit hectic for me lately and the time I had planned to make a hot cocoa bar just wasn’t there. My daughter still wanted to have some cocoa and I put together this crazy easy hot cocoa bar in a few seconds. I used my daughters folding table and some Christmas stuff that we have collected this Christmas season. It is day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas and these 12 days are just flying by! I can’t wait to see the hot coca fun everyone has in store for today!

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I made a simple little wreath with dollar store garland and ribbon. I literally just wrapped the ribbon around the garland slightly spread out. Then for the bow I wrapped ribbon in three loops and tied it together in the middle. Then spread out the sides the ribbon. For cups I used snowman cups and cups that just say naughty or nice on them. Just take a red sharpie and draw on naughty or nice.

I made a printable sign that says Welcome to the North Pole, get the printable HERE.

I also made some other North Pole printables but I didn’t have time to put them together the way I wanted. You can get them HERE. These would be cute on a wreath or paper towel roll with white or red paper wrapped around it for directions at the North Pole.

I used a Christmas book and cup my daughter has gotten from Christmas parties. A few dollar section items and you can have a Santa fun land! Hot Cocoa toppings I had M&Ms and marshmallows. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup are not pictured but we always have to have those too! My daughter also likes to put sprinkles on everything, including hot cocoa. She does not like peppermint or any other flavors in hers, just straight up chocolate. I like a little peppermint around the holidays so I use peppermint extract! My daughter also helped me make cookies for tomorrows post and they are adorable. Also on the table I added some fuzzy craft balls because they are cute and easy to clean up. Santa Claus is coming to town and we are ready for him!

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