Crafts and Cocktails Party

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. However, Galentine’s Day and celebrating your closest friends can happen all year! I am all about women celebrating women. I decided to put together a crafts and cocktails party for my gals. Crafting and cocktails are perfect for any get together with friends. This party included lots of tasty drinks and some easy crafts. For the beverages I served Bacardi Limon with Wendy’s Signature Strawberry Lemonade.

Their Strawberry Lemonade is my favorite and it mixes well with Bacardi Limon. Seriously, you have to try it! You can only get it at Wendy’s. Since I was stopping by Wendy’s it worked out perfect to pick up beverages, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, and fries. My gals were really excited for the drinks and snacks.

This whole party is really easy to put together and I will show you how to do it with a few easy steps. I made a bunch of fun craft and cocktail printable decorations for the theme. Get the printable decorations: BANNER CLICK HERE, SIGNS HERELARGE DECOR HERE, and SMALL DECOR HERE. When you make up party themes you have to create your own decorations! The theme is perfect for a girls night. All my ladies love crafts and cocktails. For the crafts I chose a couple easy crafts with a few simple materials. This way anyone can make them and not feel intimidated by fancy crafts. There was jewelry making, card decorating, and cocktail cup decorating. I got a bunch of fun stickers for decorating and colorful pens. For a cute presentation I put the craft supplies in the cocktail cups.

First, I cut out the printable decorations. For the drink table I used my kitchen kart, a bar kart or folding table would work as well. I tried a gold tablecloth but it didn’t look right so I used a pink one folded up as a table runner. The gold one I ended up using for the dining table. I got a tissue paper tassel banner. I cut it in half using part in front of the kart and part on the wall.

I added the crafts printable to the tissue paper tassels but you can also use ribbon. I added doilies and printable decorations on the table.

For the table I lined it with more of the doilies. You can pick some up at the dollar store! Then I added heart stickers and small printable decorations. Then I added cocktail cups with craft supplies and cocktails.

This was a really easy party set up. I’m all for making the party set up a party like the party itself. Party prep should not be stressful, it should be fun, Especially when you are getting ready for girls night. I brought out the food later to keep a simple set up. For the sandwiches I cut them up into tiny pieces and put a toothpick in the top. Then put a couple on each plate with fries. This made for a small bite appetizer. Since it was an afternoon party we didn’t do a full on dinner it was more about the cocktails, socializing, and crafts.

The party was a success. We made a lot of fun crafty things and caught up. We enjoyed some tasty Wendy’s Strawberry Lemonade and Bacardi Limon cocktails!

Crafts and Cocktails Party

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