Bunny Napkins

The bunnies are coming out to play because it is almost Easter! Wow Easter just creeped up on me this year. I want to make all the cute things for Easter. However, this year in particular is super busy before Easter. My wedding is two weeks before Easter and that means I am really busy. I can still get it together to make some stuff because I always make time for crafts but these crafts are going to be super easy. These easy bunny napkins are about as easy as it gets. Plus, they are so adorable for Easter place settings or just casual Easter meals. I used some flower napkins that I had because spring and Easter go hand in hand. You can also use white or pastels would look really adorable as bunnies.

All you need to make these easy bunny napkins:


pipe cleaners, in a color that matches the napkins

small white pom pom balls

That’s all you need! You can get it all from the dollar store or Walmart.

  1. Open the napkin up, unfolding it once horizontally.
  2. Then fold up the bottom third of the napkin.
  3. Hold it together in the middle, forming a circle shape at the bottom.
  4. Tie a pipe cleaner around where you are holding it.
  5. Twist the top pieces outward.
  6. Add the pom pom ball to the bottom.

Cute and Easy little bunnies to add to your Easter table. They are decorative and also useful.

Easy Bunny Napkins

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