Easter and Spring Wood Sign

Spring Flower SignBunny Butt Sign

Right now it is not feeling like spring but man am I ready for springtime! It is my favorite time of year. I love being able to get out doors more and enjoy all of the flowers. Since outside hasn’t caught on to the fact that it is spring I decided to brighten up inside with a fun Easter and Spring sign. Yup, that’s right this post is a double whammy of fun! One side of this heart sign is a spring sign and the other side is a cute bunny butt for Easter. You can switch sides and keep this decoration for longer. You could also just make one of these ideas, whichever you would like. I have to say though I really love them both. The heart sign I got around Valentine’s Day and it has been just sitting in my closet all sad and unused. Now it is getting some extra love, see what I did there, hearts and love! You can still find wood hearts at the craft store or on amazon. I found the flowers at the Dollar Tree and they look so gorgeous for such a reasonable price. Then I used pink pipe cleaners for the letter. You can also use sticker letters or paint on spring. The bunny butt is just white spray paint, a white pom pom, and pink foam paper. This part was really easy to make. Some of the flowers stuck out a bit on this side but it would be cute to use flowers around the top of this side as well to look like the bunny is digging around in the flowers. Bunnies are always up to trouble like that!

What you need for the spring side:

turquoise or a springy color of spray paint

pipe cleaners or sticker letters

faux flowers in spring colors

For the bunny butt side:

white spray paint or acrylic

white pom pom ball

pink foam paper

  1. Spray one side of the heart with turquoise or a bright color of spray paint. Let it dry then spray paint the other side with white. Let this side dry. Spray paint outside.
  2. I put sticker letters where I wanted the word to go to see where to place the flowers. Then hot glue a bunch of flowers to the bottom of one side.
  3. Hot glue a bunch of flowers to the top of the other side.
  4. You can then glue on letters or paint on letter. You can trace around sticker letters with a pencil, remove them, and then paint it in with acrylic paint in the color of your choice.

Bunny Butt Sign

  1. Spray paint one side with white spray paint or paint it with white acrylic paint. I do enjoy the spray paint! You will probably need two coats to cover the heart. Let the first coat dry then add the second coat. Wait for the paint to dry before decorating.
  2. I then cut out 2 ovals and 6 small circles of light pink foam paper for the paws.
  3. Flip the heart upside down and hold up the oval and circles to make sure they fit nicely on the rounded part of the heart.
  4. Then glue them in place.
  5. Then glue a white pom pom ball to the top of the sign.

Easter bunny butt sign Hanging Bunny Butt Sign

I think both sides turned out so cute! Who doesn’t love a good bunny butt and when you are done with Easter flip it over because spring has just begun. I love a fun sign that you can use all season like this Easter and Spring Sign.

Spring Wood Sign

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