Floral Bunny Headband

I’ve been putting spring and Easter together because I’m feeling the flowers this Easter. They go together like peanut butter and jelly! I also love the faux flowers headbands. I’ve made the flower crowns. The unicorn horn flower headbands are also amazing, although I have yet to try to make them. This flower bunny headband is so adorable and my daughter absolutely loved wearing it. In fact she even volunteered for me to take pictures of her with it on hopping around like a little bunny. She doesn’t like wearing her hair up but she loves headbands and holidays. This headband was the perfect fit for her and it will be going in the rotation of headbands she has.

What you need to make it:

a plain white or pink headband

small faux flowers, any springy colors will work

white and pink pipe cleaners

hot glue

  1. Take a pink pipe cleaner and cut it in half.
  2. Take a whole white pipe cleaner and a half pink pipe cleaner.
  3. Put the pink one in the middle of the white one and bend them downward.
  4. Twist the bottom together.
  5. Then wrap it around the headband slightly off to one side on the top. Make sure the ends are wrapped around the top so they won’t poke anyone.
  6. Then add the other ear on the other side.
  7. Glue small flowers onto the middle of the headband in between the ears.

Floral bunny ears Adorable Floral Bunny HeadbandMake your own flower bunny ears

Love my little bunny model! This headband was crazy easy to make and super fun for Easter!

Flower Bunny Ears

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