Unicorn Fairy Garden

It is the season to be outside and gardening. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately. Ok that’s a lie I haven’t done any gardening yet but I’ve been thinking about gardening a lot lately. We have stuff to start gardening but I tend to kill plants so I’m slightly intimidated by real gardens. I will get to that but to start out I made an adorable unicorn fairy garden. What is a unicorn fairy garden you ask? It is a magical garden for unicorns to hang out in, obviously. I made it colorful, fun, and sparkly to give it a magical unicorn vibe. I’ve made a classic fairy garden but this year I wanted to make something a little more fun. This is a fun activity to make with kids.The materials to make it I got from the dollar store, amazon, and Walmart. You can get most things from the dollar store. I painted a galvanized bucket for the basket but you can just get a colorful bucket and decorate it with stickers. This is such a fun project to make with kids!

Lets get started, the unicorns are waiting, what you . need to make a unicorn fairy garden:

a bucket

faux moss or grass

colorful glitter

fairy garden accessories(mini mushrooms, flowers, etc)

plastic unicorns(I used unicorn necklaces)

glittery star or heart stickers or rainbow stickers

  1. Fill the bottom of the bucket with newspaper, tissue paper, or foam to boost up what is inside.
  2. Add moss. I spray painted the moss first but I honestly don’t think it was necessary.
  3. Add the fairy garden accessories: mushrooms, flowers, butterflies, and more.
  4. Add unicorns spread out in the garden.
  5. Add glitter. I used blue but use any fun colors you want.
  6. Add colorful curling ribbon in the top for a fun vibe.
  7. I spray painted a bucket lavender but you can get an already colorful bucket to make it easier.
  8. Add shiny star and heart stickers. I got these from the dollar store. Rainbow and unicorn stickers would look really cute too! Make it your own!

unicorns fairy garden

It’s such a cute and magical place. My daughter loved it and loves playing make believe with the unicorns and her other toys come to join in. The unicorn fairy garden is such a hit and will get kids excited for some really gardening too!

Unicorn Fairy Garden


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