DIY Cactus Pumpkin

I grew up in the desert where we have more cacti than pumpkins. I love how cactus have become trendy! They look so cute in craft form. Also as far as plants go it’s the only kind I can keep alive. We had about 10 indoor plants. Only 2 of them have survived my black thumb and one of them is a cactus. I made this cactus pumpkin from a dollar store foam pumpkin. It was incredibly easy to make and look how cute! You can also draw a little face on it. Plus nothing in this project is living so no chance of killing it. The best thing about this diy pumpkin craft is how incredibly simple it is to make. Seriously, anyone can make it and make it for a simple pumpkin craft.

This is not an entirely original idea but I made it my own. These pumpkins and flowers are from the dollar tree. I also used the flowers for another diy pumpkin. I had green acrylic paint from a different cactus project that I never made. That happens too much, my brain has a ton of projects I haven’t made….yet.

Materials for diy cactus pumpkin:
Small faux pink flowers
Foam pumpkin
Green paint
Black marker
1. Paint the pumpkin green. I painted one coat and let it dry a bit. Ok I didn’t entirely let it dry because I’m impatient. Then painted another coat to cover all the orange, mine was mostly covered but a few spots weren’t perfect because that’s how I roll. Let it dry entirely after painting.
2. Draw spines on the side of the pumpkin. I did this with black marker. Spread them out and drew them going out to an angle alternating directions.
3. Glue flowers covering the top of the pumpkin.
I think this diy cactus pumpkin is adorable! It’s such an easy way to decorate a pumpkin. I have one more pumpkin project coming up and it is a cute one! My pumpkins are all cute, no creepy things here.
DIY Cactus Pumpkin

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