DIY Fall Unicorn Pumpkin

pumpkin unicorn diy

It’s fall y’all! Ok it’s still hot here, but I’m ready for some fall decorations and crafts. I’ve seen adorable unicorn pumpkins for Halloween and I wanted to put a little fall spin on them. This cute fall unicorn pumpkin turned out even cuter than I had expected! I think I might need to make a unicorn for all seasons. Winter or Christmas unicorn is coming next. Thinking off the top of my head I’m thinking some kind of snow globe unicorn. Maybe a snowman unicorn. You can really incorporate unicorns into all occasions! Anyways back to the cute fall unicorn pumpkin. All of the materials are from the dollar tree. I have been having fun in that place for fall crafts. There small foam pumpkins have worked out perfect for decorating. I have two more cute pumpkin decorating ideas coming up, stay tuned! Hint one of them involves the desert and the other some kind of animal. All of my pumpkin crafts can be made with kids or just for fun adult crafts. If you are a mature unicorn kind of adult. Adulting so hard!

Pumpkin real or fake to decorate. I used a smallish one but large would work too. You could use a variety of sizes for a family of pumpkins!
White paint(or use white pumpkins)
Fall colored faux flowers
Sparkly fall colored wire ribbon for the horn.
Mini faux sparkly pumpkins(I got mine from dollar tree)
Black marker, paper, or paint
1. Remove the stem and paint the pumpkin. I used spray paint that I had but white acrylic paint works too. Just make sure to let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.
2. Wrap the ribbon around in a horn shape. I twisted the top into a point and glued it together with hot glue. Then twisted another layer around and glued it together. Then I left some extra ribbon to fold over on the bottom and glue to the pumpkin. I used hot glue but with kids you can use another kind of glue just hot glue it on to the top of the pumpkin to stay firmly in place.
3. Glue the horn in the center of the top of the pumpkin.
4. Add the mini pumpkins. These had stakes on the bottom so I just pushed them into the foam pumpkin no gluing necessary!
5. Add faux flowers in a couple fall colors.
6. Draw on the face. This part I think I could have done better but the key is big eyes with lashes. You can trace over them a few times to get a dark enough eye. Start with a pencil if you want to see how it looks first and adjust if needed.
pumpkin unicorn diy
These unicorns are ready to embrace fall with some pumpkin spice lattes and scarfs! They are not basic pumpkins but they love all the basic girl fall fun. I like to give my pumpkins a backstory and personality, that’s not weird is it?! The best thing about these pumpkins is they are fun for kids and adults. I made this one with my daughter but I could see making them for a girls night in with friends.
DIY Fall Unicorn Pumpkin

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