DIY Llama Pumpkin

A cute pumpkin to make with my DIY Cactus Pumpkin is this little DIY Llama Pumpkin! Llamas have been popping up all over the place. Llama decor and parties are the latest trend and let me tell you they are the cutest trend ever! I want llamas, the real ones but also some cute decorations. I don’t think my hubby would go for the llama decor in the house. For now I will stick to the cute little llama crafts. This is a fun pumpkin to make with kids but I’m not going to lie I was more into it than my daughter. She’s more of a penguin gal. However, we do love to feed the llamas at the zoo. This llama pumpkin is really simple to make. It took me less than half an hour. It is also real cheap to make I got materials from the dollar tree! For the face you can draw it like mine or look up llama pictures for inspiration. I added a flower crown but you can do it without the flowers as well.

Materials for the diy llama pumpkin:
Foam pumpkin from dollar tree
White paint
White tissue paper
Small faux flowers
Black marker
1. Paint the pumpkin white and let it dry completely. I used spray paint that I had but acrylic works too.
2. Take a strip of tissue paper about 3 inches long and about double that in width. It’s better to have it too long and cut it down than too short. Fold it into a small piece and fringe the top for llama hair.
3. Glue the tissue paper to the top of the pumpkin. I started in the middle and worked my way around.
4. Cut off any of the tissue paper off the top that looks too long. Give her a little hair cut!
5. For the ears cut out pieces of white cardstock paper about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide with a curved top as shown above. Color pink in the center and fold them in half. Cut an inch of the bottom in the middle and glue that piece together. Glue them to the top on the right and left side. Point the ears slightly outward.
6. Add flowers just below the tissue paper in a line around the front side of the pumpkin.
7. Draw on that cute face with a black sharpie. I drew round eyes, a wide v shaped nose, and a little mouth. You can draw a oval shape around the nose and mouth for a little llama face depth. You can make it like mine or make it your own. Looking up pictures of llama crafts helps with drawing the face.
Look at that cute little llama! I was originally thinking of making a llama with a long neck but that was getting too complicated and the cute llama face is the best part of the llama. If you want it to have a long neck try mini pumpkins for the neck and a bigger one for the body. These were a llamafun to make!
DIY Llama Pumpkin

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