Monster Party Hats

Let’s do the mash, do the monster mash. I’m ready to party like a monster with some cute party hats. I love love these monster party hats. There are a few ways to make them with more added embellishments or super simple and suuuper easy. I like to show both ways so you busy mommas can save time when needed. My crafty party desires always exceed my amount of time to make things. I do have to say the blue monsters with the added fringe are my favorite. It could be that blues my favorite of the colors. I have blue, green, and orange monsters. These are just from a cheap pack of colorful party hats in a variety of colors. I’ve been holding on to these hats for a while and I finally found a way to use them. Love these for Halloween kids parties or a monster themed birthday party for your little monster.

What you need to make diy monster party hats:
Colorful party hats
Black marker
Tissue paper(if doing fringe)
Googley eyes
1. Glue on the googley eyes one by one. I glued them in the center towards the top of the hat.
2. Draw on a zigzag or circle mouth or any cute monster mouth.
3. For the fringe if you want cut strips of tissue paper about 2 inches long in to a fringe on the bottom. I folded long pieces over a few times then cut the tissue paper to save time. About 3 or 4 strips per hat.
4. For the top fringe take a 3 inch wide and 2 inch long piece of tissue paper fold it over a few times and cut fringe on the top. Then twist the bottom of the fringed piece and glue it to the top of the hat.
You can just do the top or bottom fringe to make it easier but they are cute with both! They also are crazy easy if you just glue on eyes and draw a mouth. Kids will love them either way!
DIY Monster Party Hats

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