Ugly Sweater Awards Printable

ugly sweater awards
I love ugly sweater Christmas parties. It gives adults a chance to bring out there inner child and goofball. Get silly and wear something they would never normally wear in public. Your party guests have gone through a lot of effort to make or find the right ugly sweater. I think you should reward them with these ugly sweater awards! Have everyone vote for their favorite, ugliest of the ugly sweaters. Then hand out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards! You can give little prizes but a badge of honor can be present enough. Have a little award ceremony for the winners!
Pass out the ballots for your guests to vote for their top three favorite ugly sweaters. There are usually a few standouts. Some people half ass it, others go above and beyond to get that perfect ugly Christmas sweater. People love a little competition and these ugly sweater awards make for just a little more fun at your ugly sweater party.
All you have to do is print out these cuties on white cardstock paper, cut them out and hand out your awards to the winners. Add a little tape to the back to put the stars on the winners. You can add crafty embellishments to make them extra special.
Get the printables HERE or click on the picture above!
Printable Ugly Sweater Awards

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