Starfish Snowflake Ornament



Since we put up our Christmas tree early I got really inspired to make some ornaments. What I love about ornaments is you really can never have too many! The tree has plenty of room. It also is a great way to remember what your family was doing or into during a certain time period. Kids can decorate ornaments and each your you build on your collection of kids creations. I also like to make a few myself like this snowflake starfish ornament. We love by the beach and have beaches decor and I wanted to make a few ornaments to match our home. I’m not doing a whole theme for the tree because I grew up with a collective mix of ornaments and I want to continue that tradition. Next year maybe I will theme out a mini tree just for my own enjoyment! For now I let my daughter have free range of the tree. We have some Mardi Gras beads on there and random groupings of ornaments. It’s nice to have a few of my own little creations like this starfish snowflake ornament and then my daughter helped make a few others. Kids can easily help make this ornament. They could add extra colors for fun!

what you need to make it:

2 starfish, I got mine from the craft store. I got a bag full to make multiple

Light blue, silver, or your choice of paint color

glue(I used hot glue)

silver or colorful gem stickers


1. Paint the starfish and let them dry.

2. Add stickers around the edges of one starfish. The one you are using for the bottom leave the middle empty for gluing.

3. Add stickers to the top starfish on the edges and middle. You can get creative with gem sticker placement.

4. Put glue in the center of the bottom snowflake and press the top one firmly on top with all sides of the sides showing.

Your done, easy peasy!

I love how this Diy starfish snowflake ornament turned out. Such a fun ornament for a beach theme tree or just to have a different take on a snowflake!

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Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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