Diy Galaxy Ornaments

I love making galaxy art. It always looks so pretty and is really easy to make. I made galaxy rocks that are really fun to make with kids. You can hide them in fun places for people to find or keep them for decorations. The galaxy rocks were my inspiration for this craft. These galaxy ornaments are not only super fun to make but they look so cool! This technique I used with my marble ornaments just added a galaxy flair. The perfect craft for kids or adults. They all turn out a little bit different. If you add more of one color they can be more of a colorful galaxy.


Clear ornaments(I got mine at the dollar tree)

Black, dark blue, purple, pink, and white paint

Paper plate or newspaper to put it on

Now let’s make some galaxy ornaments:

  1. Alternate putting a squeeze of each paint color around the inside of the ornament. 
  2. Tape the top of the ornament and spin it around.You can also just slowly rotate the ornament around in a circle to spread the paint and cover the inside of the ornament. Add bits of paint if needed to cover any empty spots. 
  3. Flip the ornament upside down to dry.
  4. Flick white paint on the outside of the ornament for the stars.
  5. Once it is dry put the top back on.

That is it. This is a really simple and pretty Diy galaxy ornament.


About Valerie Jackson

Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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