Ice Princess Pipe Cleaner Crown

My daughter was obsessed with Frozen for the longest time. She was I think 3 when she first saw it. We watched it about a bazillion times and I have those songs from the movie burned into my memory. Luckily the music is good. She dressed up like Elsa and Anna for the longest time. Not just special occasions but going to the grocery store she was dressed up in costume. The funny thing is now she isn’t as into the girly stuff. She used to want an Elsa braid every day, for me that was just a side braid because I can’t make any braids. Now she never wants to wear her hair up. They grow up so fast! At that time I also started makin snowflake wands for parties. I have a post for those pretty wands. They go perfectly with these ice princess pipe cleaner crowns. We made different pipe cleaner crowns that my daughter loved and decided to make some for an ice princess. It is a perfect little winter craft for cold days. 


Silver pipe cleaners

Beads in ice princess colors- silver, clear, blue, and white 

  1. First take two pipe cleaners and twist them together.
  2. Whichever side will be the front add beads onto the pipe cleaner.
  3. Divide them into 4 sections of 4 beads and shape each of those sections into a diamond with 2 beads on each side.
  4. Twist the bottom of the diamonds together.
  5. Twist the other ends of the 2 pipe cleaners together. Add another pipe cleaner if you need it to be longer to fit on your head.

So pretty and sparkles! It is a really simple craft that kids will love. Everyone wants a pretty ice princess pipe cleaner crown. It is a fun craft for those cold days when you want to have icy fun without going out in the cold.


About Valerie Jackson

Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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