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My daughter loves penguins more than any other animal in the world. For homeschool we did a whole unit study on penguins. I know a lot about penguins at this point. We also have done some fun crafts and made penguin treats. I have a bunch of those on the blog that you can check out. At the end of our penguin unit we did a fun day of winter penguin games including penguin ice hockey, marshmallow penguin soccer, sledding, and smash the ice. Some of the games I was planning on using sugar cubes but I just used what we had that was marshmallows and lucky charms. My daughter liked the lucky charms idea. Of course winter penguin games have to include some icy fun. Penguins love the ice and snow. These games are really easy for kids to play.


You will need the penguin printables to play these games. If you are with a group I have four colors for different teams. They are in a variety of sizes for different types of games.


Now lets play some winter penguin games!

Penguin Sledding


Small penguin printable 

Popsicle sticks 


Ice cube tray or plastic cups

Cookie sheet or flat tray.


Tape penguin printable to a popsicle stick. Fill up the ice cube tray with water and insert the popsicle sticks. Freeze them overnight. 


Prop up a cookie sheet or flat tray with a cup or bowl flipped upside down. Make a fun sledding hill for the penguins.


Put two penguins or more and have them race down the sledding hill. The penguin that makes it down the hill first wins. 

Penguin Hockey 



Penguin printable 

Popsicle sticks 


Ice cubes 

Cookie sheet


Penguin Hockey 


Popsicle Sticks


Penguin Printables small size

Tape a penguin printable to the bottom of a popsicle stick. Cover the entire penguin with tape so it doesn’t get wet. 


The penguins get to hit the ice cube back and forth. Get the ice cube past the other penguin to score a point. The first person to get to 10 points wins the game. Kids can name their teams. Two players can play on a team or just 1 on 1


Penguin Marshmallow Toss Game



Popsicle sticks

Penguin printables

2 cups



Let’splay a tasty fun game penguin marshmallow toss game! 


One player sits on one side of the table the other sits on the opposite end. Place your cup in front of you.


Players take the penguin and put a marshmallow on top of the penguin. Then aim at the cup on the opposite side of the table. Penguins kick the marshmallow into the other cup. We used 3 marshmallows for each round. Whichever player got the most marshmallows in the cup won that round. Play as many rounds as you want!

Crack the Ice



Sugar cubes or cereal 

Crack the ice printable 




Line up sugar cubes on each side of the printable leaving the middle row empty. You can also print out two crack the ice printables and fill up the entire sheet.


One player rolls the dice. If you roll a 3 crack that many pieces. There are two ways to do this, one is crack the pieces with the back of a spoon. Another is if you are using cereal eat that many pieces! You could use candy but that might be a lot of candy for kids to eat.

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