Snowman Treat Bags

I love making simple treat bags for kids and class gifts. If you are making Christmas gifts for a group these snowman treat bags are really easy to make and adorable! You can add more embellishments to them or keep them simple as I did. These work for party favors, class parties, neighborhood gifts. Put candy, little gifts, or gift cards inside. I love snowman decorations. They are the cutest and easy to make. Plus, you only need a few materials and they are inexpensive.


What you need to make these snowman treat bags:

White tissue paper

Black and orange sharpie, another option would be black buttons and orange paper for the nose


First fold the tissue paper in half and then in half folding it to the right and then in half again folding it down.


Second put treats in the center of the tissue paper.


Next bunch the tissue paper above the treats and tie it with ribbon. I used a curling ribbon.


Draw circle eyes on and a smile shape with dots with black sharpie. Then a sideways triangle shape with orange sharpie for the nose. You can also use a piece of orange paper for the nose and buttons for eyes. Sharpies are easy and fast to use hen making a bunch of snowman treat bags.

That’s all there is to it, how simple is that?! Kids can help make them too. I love little snowmen and I’ve made a few more snowman crafts. A few melted ones since we live in warm weather we don’t get snow and if we did it would melt in a second. These little snowman won’t be melting.


About Valerie Jackson

Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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