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ant craft template

Ants are amazing they work as a team and can lift way more than their body weight. They make those beautiful underground tunnels too. This ant craft is the perfect craft for young kids. You can even make it with things you already have in your kids craft room!

You can use the template to make an ant puppet by putting it on a craft stick handle or paper bag. Puppets are perfect for lots of imaginative play.

This is a great craft for ABC crafts starting with A is for Ant. Make puppets of the whole alphabet.

This free printable ant template uses simple circle shapes for the body making it easy for little hands to put together. Add wiggle eyes and a cute smile to the little ant. This ant craft is a great addition to any kids craft collection.

I love puppets because making it is fun and then kids get to play with them for as long as they like! Young children can create a whole bug land with ants, butterflies, and spiders. I find that if I start playing pretend play with my kids they will continue to play and create their own little world.

You can make one ant or many. I would make a few and give them different styles. Sometimes it is good to give kids a little direction and let them use their creativity to make the ant template in their own style.

What you need to make them:

At home or local print shop printer. I like to give the option of black and white or color templates. If you are crafting for a class of kids using the blank template and cutting out the shapes with colorful paper can be a great money saving option.Free printable ant craft template, cardstock, printer, or construction paper. Once again this depends on what you want to do with the template but I will give you a few ideas. Glue sticks, for gluing a template this is my preferred glue but other glues or even clear tape can work too.

Let get started!

Get the ant template for the image below CLICK HERE

Build an ant template CLICK HERE

Download the free printable template, it comes in a pdf file. Print out the craft template. You can use the outline with colorful paper. Print it out at home or at a print shop.Cut out all of the parts of the ant. If you are using the outline trace it on to black, red, pink, or green paper. Really any color paper have fun with what color ants you make. Glue the circles together for the ant’s body. Put the head piece in front and the body pieces behind the head for a total of 3 pieces. The body pieces are slightly bigger.Glue the ant’s antennae on to its head and legs on to the body part. You can also use pipe cleaners for the antennae and legs but everything can be done with just paper. Add googly eyes for cute eyes and a craft stick if you want to make it a puppet. You can glue the craft stick to the bottom of the ant template or to the back.You can also glue the ant template on to paper. Use construction paper to make green grass, blue skies, and make white clouds with cotton balls to put on top. Another option for a background could be painting with watercolor grass, dirt, and blue skies. Weave with paper to make a white and red picnic blanket because we know ants love picnics! If your kid is a bit older than the toddler age it can be fun to add more dimension and creativity.

There are many fun ways you can use this ant craft template in creative play and for learning.

Your class or kids might also want to learn a bit about ants. Here are some ant facts to impress kids:

  1. Ants can carry up to 20 times their body weight!
  2. Every ant colony is run by 1 queen ant.
  3. That 1 queen can live for many years, longer than many insects.
  4. Ants don’t have ears.Ants have 2 stomachs.
  5. Ants breathe through their holes in their bodies and don’t have lungs.
  6. All continents have ants except Antartica. I guess they don’t like the cold.
  7. Ants have been farming for longer than people. They were farming 50 million years ago!

There you go I hope you and your kids learned something new about ants, I know I did!

For other learning opportunities look up the life cycle of an ant and teach kids about the stages an ant goes through. Take kids to a science centers that teachers about bugs or look online for virtual information on ants. Get an ant farm to see first hand the lives of ants and how they work together.

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