Free Printable Build A Monster

free printable build a monster template

Free Printable Build A Monster


Who is ready for Halloween? I’m getting into the spooky season with a simple monster craft. These free monster printables are so cute and fun for making your own monster. Kids will love making monsters with this simple paper craft. Plus, it is easy for parents to set up.

All you need to make some monsters are the free printable templates for personal use and paper. Use them as an activity for a halloween party, class halloween party, or just for fun with young kids. These activities work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination for kids. The monsters are also fun for kids of all ages to make monsters at home or for classroom use.

Do you want spooky monsters, funny monsters, or cute monsters? Mix and match the fun faces from the free monster templates to make your own monsters. There are a few fun ways to make monsters with these printable monsters. Below I will explain different ways to use these monsters.


Monster Outline


These outlines are perfect for using with colorful card stock or construction paper. Pick your kids favorite colors to make a simple monster. Trace the outline of a monster on to colorful paper and cut out the shapes.

Add colorful tissue paper, googly eyes, pom pom, small ripped up pieces of paper, and other fun craft materials to make fun monster with the monster templates. Lay out the crafting materials with glue and tape. Kids can create different monsters. These monster stencils are perfect for all kinds of crafting.

The benefits of using the outline is you can save money by just tracing it on colorful paper and cutting out the shapes. This is a great craft for a large group of kids. It is also great for making party decorations.

Put the monsters on a craft stick or paper bag to make a monster puppet.


Monster Coloring Pages


Print out these monsters on plain white paper. Then get to coloring! Just a few simple monsters to color in with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. You can pick one monster or color them all. Kids will love coloring these monsters for a Halloween time activity.


Make Your Own Monster


Here are the mix and match monsters. Choose which free monster body templates you want to use, pick out your monster eyes, and monster mouth. Then build a monster with the materials. This is easy and a fun way for kids to make the monsters with their own monster designs. Kids will have lots of fun making their own monster. Do they want it to have one eye or many? Make a friendly monster, silly monster, or scary monster. It is so much fun for kids to make a monster how they want and to have choices.


Materials to Make a Monster


Free printable pdf file for personal use non-commercial use. Find the free printables at the end of this post simply click on the CLICK HERE button above each picture of the monsters.

White cardstock paper or white printer paper

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Glue stick


Optional: colorful construction paper, pom poms, tissue paper, or other craft materials.

How to Use the Printable Monster Templates


First pick the free printable template below that is right for you. Once you pick your template download the pdf file. Print it at home on your home printer or at a print shop. Print on heavy cardstock paper for projects that require a lot of glue or heavy materials. Use just plain printer paper when coloring. Then begin crafting and creating.

Monster Templates:


CLICK HERE for the cut and paste monster.

Color in the pieces, cut out the pieces, and glue them together. You can also use the template to trace on colorful construction or card stock paper.

build a monster with separate parts

CLICK HERE for the fuzzy monster!

This one is fun for adding silly faces and decoration in fun colors.

CLICK HERE for the big eye monster!

This monster gives you a good start to work with. He has a place to put the eyes above the head and already has arms and feet.

CLICK HERE for the monster body.

This monster is great for kids to make their own and get creative. Add pipe cleaner arms and legs or draw them on.

CLICK HERE for fun monster faces!

I have some cute mix and match faces to add to the monster bodies. Kids can also paint or color their own body and then add fun faces.

fun monster faces for build a monster printable craft

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