Free Printable Ghost Crafts

free printable ghost templates for crafts

Free Printable Ghost Templates


Who is ready for the spooky season? Ghosts, goblins, witches, and pumpkins! My son has been excited for Halloween all summer so we are getting an early start on the Halloween fun. Use these free printable ghost outlines and templates for crafting with kids. 

I’m not going full spooky because I prefer the cute Halloween things. Silly pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, and bats! I tried to make some cute versions for the preschool crowd. If you are doing spooky crafts at home or in a classroom there should be something fun for everyone. 

I have an obsession with googly eyes and the Halloween stuff goes so well with some googly eyes. 

Use the free printable ghost template for simple crafts, coloring, and decorations. 

Below you will find different options for styles and sizes of ghosts. Also, I will give you ideas for how to use the ghosts for simple crafts. 

8 ghost templates


First is a simple ghost outline. This outline has thick lines and is perfect for adding your own details. I like using large ghosts for crafting with young kids.

Large ghost outline CLICK HERE 

ghost outline free printable tmeplate

For the flying ghost with arms CLICK HERE

cut flying ghost free printable

The next ghost outline is perfect for making cutesy ghosts. It’s more of a Pac-Man ghost shape but this shape is great for crafting with kids. It has eyes and mouth separate to glue on. This way you can build a fun ghost.

Cute Build a Ghost CLICK HERE

build a ghost free printable

Next is a ghost puppet. Simply punch a hole in the right and left side. Then add brads to make the arms move.

Ghost Puppet CLICK HERE

ghost puppet free printable

This ghost has the all the details. It can be used to paint, color, or just cut out for Halloween decorations. It has silly eyes and is a cute ghost for crafting with young kids.

Silly Ghost CLICK HERE

silly ghost free printable

The medium size ghost shapes are perfect for banners or using with a group of kids. There are 2 ghosts per sheet. 

Medium Ghost Template CLICK HERE

medium ghost printable for crafts

The next smallest shape has 5 ghosts on a sheet. This size is great for finger puppets or pretend play. Five little ghosts!

Small ghosts with arms CLICK HERE

small ghosts free printable

Next you will find fun little ghosts because sometimes you need small ghosts. These ghosts have arms too! They are great for crafts, cupcake toppers, or other kids activities.

Small ghosts CLICK HERE

small ghosts free printable for crafts

Next is a haunted house to go with the little ghosts. These two templates are great for coloring pages or crafts. Draw on ghosts or glue on the small ghosts. 

Haunted House Coloring Page CLICK HERE

haunted house coloring sheet free printable

Haunted House Template CLICK HERE

haunted house template free printable

Ghost coloring pages


Use the ghost templates for a simple ghost coloring sheet and the haunted house works great for coloring. Coloring is a fun and simple activity for kids. You can never go wrong with a classic coloring page. Add ghosts to the haunted house with crayons or color the silly ghost in rainbow colors. Get creative with coloring!

Ghost Craft Ideas


Cotton ball ghost craft. Use the simple outline to glue on cotton balls. You can make it colorful with paint on top or leave it as is. Then add the mouth and eye shapes on top with glue. Glue it to another sheet of paper and make a spooky background if you want!

Painting ghosts. Use a fun painting technique such as splatter paint or squeeze bottle painting to make fun and colorful ghosts.

Make a ghost wand. Take the ghost template of your choice print it and cut it out. Tape the back bottom part of the template on to a paper straw or wooden dowel. Finally add a ribbon to the base of the ghost. This makes a simple and fun wand.

Flying ghosts! Make ghosts look like they are flying in the night sky by adding them to a black sheet of paper. Fold white strips of paper in an accordion style . Then glue them to the paper and behind the ghost so they bob up and down. 

Ghosts in a haunted house! Put little ghosts in the haunted house template for a cute craft.

Cut out the template. Then place it on a black or dark purple sheet of paper. Paint in the ghost shape with white paint. 

Using Ghost Free Printables


First download the pdf file for the printable of your choice.

Then print out the file on a home printer or at a local print shop. I like to print on card stock paper for crafts where I need a sturdy paper. For just coloring white printer paper works great.

Then color or paint directly on the printed out sheet.

Cut out the pieces of the template.

Glue the template together.

Add cotton balls, pom poms, tissue paper, or other fun craft supplies to decorate your template.

Then you have a cute ghost!



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