Tulip Craft Template For Kids Free Printable

free printable tulip craft

Free Printable Tulip Craft Template


Spring is in the air and so are the spring crafts. I love tulips and this free printable tulip template is really fun for making pretty tulip crafts for the spring season. Kids will love making their own tulip paper flowers. This craft is perfect for young school age kids from preschool to early elementary school.

I am including a few versions of the tulip flower pdf templates for different types of flower crafts and a couple fun projects. Make these bright flowers cheerful for springtime. Also, if you are looking for other spring templates I’ve got you covered!

Tulip Craft Ideas:


The coloring version can be used as a simple coloring sheet. Kids can color in the flowers and give to someone they love.

Put tissue paper on the tulips to make a colorful paper tulip craft.

Cut out the colorful pieces to build a simple tulip by cutting and gluing it together. This is such an easy way to use the free printable template.

Trace the blank template on construction paper to create pretty flowers in whatever colors you want. Use green paper for the grass and stem, pink, orange, or purple for flowers, and blue in the background for the sky.

Make a card. Mother’s day would be a great time to use this template to make a mother’s day picture or card. What mom doesn’t love flowers.

Party decorations. Also a great idea for mother’s day or a spring celebration. Let kids decorate the flowers then turn it into a banner, centerpieces, or cake toppers.

Make bouquets of flowers. Put the flowers on popsicle sticks, add pipe cleaners for leaves, and colorful gems if you want to add more decorations. Put them in a pot, vase template, or wrapped in string and you have a pretty bouquet of paper flowers.

Use it as a tulip stencil. The blanket template works best for a stencil.

Use it for an easter template draw bunnies and chicks to go with the tulips.

What skills does this craft work on?


Fine motor skills are built up by cutting, gluing, coloring, and working with the pincher grasp. It’s good to work on these skills in fun ways that don’t feel like work for kids.

What do you need to make beautiful paper tulips:

The digital download printable flower template, this is for personal use but download it as many times as you want for a class or group of kids.



Build a tulip cut and paste craft

White cardstock paper or regular white paper. I prefer cardstock because it doesn’t bend as easily and lasts longer.

Colorful craft or cardstock paper if you are tracing the template.

Glue stick or elmer’s glue


Optional; pipe cleaners, craft sticks, crepe paper, tissue paper, or other materials to add extra textures.

Lets make some flowers!

  1. Print out the pdf file on your home printer or at a local print shop.
  2. If you are coloring or painting the template color the template next.
  3. If you are tracing it cut out the pieces of the flower and trace on the color of paper you desire for your flowers.
  4. To build a tulip just cut it out and glue the flower part to the top front and the leaves on the sides.
  5. Then glue the flowers on a piece of paper. Have kids draw a background if they want or paint one with watercolors.
  6. You can also cut out the flowers and glue them onto popsicle sticks that are painted green for stems. Put them in a pot or vase template for a bunch of paper flowers.
  7. Use the templates in any other creative ways your kid wants, let them use their imagination.

There you go these tulip crafts are such fun crafts for kids! I love a simple paper craft to keep kids entertained. Use these tulip flower templates with my sunflower, butterfly, watering can, and vase printables to make a bunch of spring crafts. I like to do theme weeks for crafting and learning. If you use the free printables to do one spring craft a day you will have a week or weeks of fun for the kiddos! Whether you are using them for learning or just play these tulip crafts are fun for kids.

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