22 Free Printable Halloween Templates

halloween craft templates for kids crafts

Free Printable Halloween Templates for Crafts


It is the Halloween season and that means tons and tons of Halloween crafts! Plus, all of the Halloween candy. Here you will find tons of Halloween templates to use for crafts with kids, decorations, party banners, and coloring pages. Other ways to use the free printable Halloween templates include stencils, bulletin board decorations, cookie cutters, and pumpkin carving.

The templates include all of the Halloween staples such as ghosts, witches, spiders, and pumpkins. These templates could cover an entire month of Halloween crafting! They are great for making crafts with young kids and working on fine motor skills. Kids of all ages can enjoy Halloween crafting and painting.

All you have to do to use the templates is find the free printable template or templates that works for you. Then click on the CLICK HERE button to download the free template. The template for each image will be right above the image. You are welcome to print out these templates as many times as you want for personal use, the templates are non-commercial use. Print them on a home printer or at a local print shop.

I am including a ton of Halloween fun in this post but there are more detailed posts for some Halloween Templates with additional printables. Also, if you need some adorable Halloween gift tags for any kind of Halloween treats I’ve got you covered!

22 Halloween Templates


Bat Templates


This large bat silhouette is great for crafts, pumpkin carving, and decorations. You can trace it on black paper or print out the template multiple times.

CLICK HERE for the large bat outline.

free printable large bat outline for crafts or decorations.

These simple bat outlines are great for decorations and crafts. You can cut out the outline and use it to trace on black paper to make decorations.

There is also a cute bat hat template. This one is super cute for kids to make and wear at a Halloween party. All you need to do is cut out the pieces of the hat. Then color in pieces or trace them on black paper(you need white paper for the eyes and teeth). Finally glue them all together. This is super cute for a Halloween party!

CLICK HERE for the bat hat template face and wings. CLICK HERE for the bat hat template.

free printable bat hat free printable bat hat for crafts and parties


Here is a fun cut, trace, and paste bat template. You can use this with construction or cardstock paper.

CLICK HERE for the free template.

free printable paper bat craft template



Witch Templates


Here is a witch outline. This outline can be used for decorations. It is also fun for a paper plate craft. Just paint the paper plate yellow like the moon. Then glue the witch on top like she is flying past the moon.

CLICK HERE for the witch template.

free printable flying witch outlines for pumpkin carving or crafts

Crystal Ball Templates


I see candy in your future! Use this fun free crystal ball printable template for crafts with kids. The blank one is great for adding tissue paper or paint. The colorful one can be used for party decorations or bulletin board decorations.

CLICK HERE for the crystal ball outline. CLICK HERE for the colorful crystal ball.


free printable crystal ball outline template for crafts free printable colorful crystal ball template


Candy Corn Templates


The candy corn template comes in a small, medium, and large size. This is a great template for both crafting and decorating. You can make a fun craft with kids and use the finished product for decorations. This post only has the large outline but I have too much candy corn fun to include here so check out all of the cute candy corn!

The large one is great for adding tissue paper in white, orange, and yellow. Just put glue on the template and add small squares of tissue paper to each section. Kids can work on their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills while doing this craft.

CLICK HERE for the candy corn template.

large candy corn template

Next is a medium size candy corn template. This is a cute one for making decorations for a Halloween party. Make banners, cake toppers, and gift tags! Color in or paint the candy corn.

CLICK HERE for the medium size candy corn.

free printable medium size candy corn


Spider Web Templates


The spider webs come in a detailed spider web template and a web outline template.

The crafting possibilities are endless with these templates. Paint the template with squeeze bottles or a salad spinner to make a spinning design.

Make spiders out of pom poms and pipe cleaners to go on the web. You can draw or paint on spiders as well.

One year I made candy spider webs and this template would be fun to use for making candy webs with pull and peel twizzlers.

CLICK HERE for the detailed spider web. CLICK HERE for the spider web outline.


free printable spider web template

outline of a spider web free printable

Spider Templates


For the spider templates there are a few options.

First is a cute spider hat. I love this cute spider and kids love crafts they can wear! This one is a simple color in, cut out, and wear hat.

CLICK HERE for the spider hat.

free printable spider hat. Color, cut, and paste.



There is a second hat options. A trace, cut, and glue option. This one is a fun craft for kids to make at a Halloween party or as a group. Glue all of the eight legs on separately. The face will look similar to the last spider hat. The both are so cute it just depends on how easy you want it to be. The crafting element is fun for kids as a Halloween activity.

CLICK HERE for the spider craft headband. CLICK HERE for the legs to attach to the headband.

free printable spider headband template for crafts and parties

Next is a cut and paste spider. This one kids can color in the spider. They could also use the pieces to trace on black construction paper and then glue the spider pieces together. These spiders are so cute for kids to make and much better than the real kind.

CLICK HERE for the build a spider craft.

build a spider easy spider craft.


Another build a spider option has legs that you bend so the spider can stand up more. This one is great to trace on black paper and glue the spider pieces together. You can even put it on a popsicle stick and make a spider puppet!

CLICK HERE for the spider craft.

free printable spider craft. Cut, color, and paste.


Ghost Templates


The ghosts come in many shapes and sizes.

The first is the silly ghost. This one is fun to color or add tissue paper too. You can also dress it up for Halloween by making costumes.

CLICK HERE for the silly ghost.

silly ghost free printable

Next is a cut and paste ghost. Add cotton balls to the base template and then add the eyes on top with glue.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste Halloween craft.

build a ghost free printable

If you want more ghost fun CLICK HERE for a bunch of ghost templates in different shapes and sizes!

Pumpkin Templates


Pumpkin templates are fun for practicing designs to make on a carved pumpkin. You can use these blank pumpkin templates to decorate your own paper pumpkin or work on your pumpkin carving designs.

CLICK HERE for the pumpkin template.

pumpkin outline for crafts

If you want more pumpkin fun CLICK HERE for a bunch of pumpkin templates!


free printable cut and paste halloween crafts

Build a Bat


For an easy cut and paste craft this adorable build a bat is super fun to make with kids.

CLICK HERE for the build a bat template.

free printable build a bat craft


Build a Witch


The build a witch is similar to the bat template. You just cut out the pieces and glue them together. If you want to make a fun Halloween background paper to go with the witch that would be fun too.

CLICK HERE for the build a witch template.

build a witch free printable craft

Build a Cat


This cute cat is a fun color, cut, and paste craft for kids.

CLICK HERE for the build a cat.

build a cat cute craft

Cut and Paste Spider with Web


Get the spider on the web. Kids can decorate the web first then cut out the spider and glue it on the web. Punch a hole in the spider web then put a string through the hole. Then tape that string to the back of the spider to make it move up and down on the web.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste spider web.

spider and web free printable craft


Using the Halloween Templates


To use the templates. First download the pdf file by clicking on the click here button above each picture for the template you want to use.

Then print it out at home or at a print shop. I like to print on card stock if I am using that paper for crafting or decorations. If you are using it to trace white printer paper is fine.

For the paper if I’m tracing I trace on construction paper. It is great for kids crafts and card stock is a very sturdy paper for using paint or glue. Any colorful paper works for some of the crafts. If you are doing the build a crafts you can glue it on colorful paper.

Then get to coloring and crafting. Craft with tissue paper, paint, crayons, stickers, and pom poms. Those are just a few ideas. Get creative with ways to use the templates. Once again feel free to use all of the templates if you want or just one.

You can use these free printable Halloween templates for making crafts, decorations, and for Halloween parties. I hope you now have a ton of Halloween ideas for kids and are as excited about Halloween as I am!

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