Free Printable Acorn Crafts and Templates

acorn craft template printable for kids


Free Printable Acorn Template


Fall is right around the corner and that means it is time for some fall crafts! Make some adorable acorns with this free acorn template. There are build an acorn versions and a simple acorn outline. This way you have different choices for the acorn pattern you want to use.

Cutting out the acorns can be a great activity to work on kids fine motor skills. Painting and crafting also work on these important skills. Kids will love making little acorns. These can even be painted in using real acorns or leaves. Make crafts for kids of different age groups from preschool through elementary school.

The templates can be used for a simple craft, party decorations, or classroom activity. I’ll give you a few ideas for how to use each template. All you need to do is download the free printable pdf file, print out the template of your choice, and get to crafting!

If you are looking for more fall fun check out the free printable leaf templates and pumpkin templates.


5 Acorn Templates


First you will find the large acorn template. This one takes up almost an entire sheet of paper. It is a blank acorn template with thick outlines for crafting and cutting with young kids. This size is perfect for using with preschool and kindergarten aged kids. Use materials such as tissue paper, paints, or crayons to decorate the acorn.

CLICK HERE for the large acorn template.

large acorn template free printable

The next one of the printable templates is a medium size template. Perfect for fall activities and paper acorn crafts! This size also works great for party decorations such as a banner. Make fun crafts with a group of kids using the acorn shapes.

CLICK HERE for the free printable acorn outline

free printable acorn outline

The last size of the acorn outline is the small shape. This size would be cute with a squirrel drawing or craft. It also can make for cute acorn food toppers at a party. It is great when you can use free printables for party decor!

CLICK HERE for the small acorn outline.

small acorns for crafts and decorations

Then there is a cut and paste acorn craft. This one has a cute acorn you can just cut out and glue together with a glue stick. It has a color in version and a colored in version. The acorns can be added on to a painted or colored fall background as well.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste acorn.

build an acorn free printable

Last is a simple acorn coloring page. This coloring page is perfect for young kids because it has thick lines and is a basic outline to color with a cute acorn face!

CLICK HERE for the acorn coloring page.

acorn coloring page free printable


Acorn Craft Ideas


There are many fall-themed crafts you can make with these acorns for learning activities or just for fun.

Acorn Painting. Paint the acorns with brown paint for this easy craft. this can be done with materials such as real acorns dipped in paint or leaves dipped in paint. You can also use household items such as sponges or spray bottles for watercolor painting.

Use it as a simple acorn stencil. Cut out along the outline to get the simple acorn shape.

Simple paper crafts. Use the acorn outline to trace on light brown paper. Color in the top with a dark brown or black. Then cut out the acorn shape. Add googly eyes and draw on a smile with black marker. Add hands and feet with pipe cleaners or black paper to make acorn people. This is such a simple fall craft.

Rip up a piece of construction paper into small squares. Then put glue on the large template. Add the pieces of paper on top of the template for a easy acorn craft with small kids.

Make an acorn puppet. Use the medium or small size shapes to put on popsicle sticks and make a puppet.

Use the template as a play dough mat. Put the paper in a sheet protection and put play dough on top. Then kids can make acorn shapes using the outline. Such a simple activity for the fall season.

Decorate a bulletin board in a classroom with cute acorns. Have kids color or paint the acorns. Then hang them up on a bulletin board.

Acorn picture frame. Need a cute crafty picture frame for kids fall school pictures. Have kids decorate the acorn shape with paint. Cut out the shape and glue a picture on the front.

Use the small acorns to decorate a tree craft. I have a tree without leaves template. Simply paint on leaves or make paper leaves, and add the acorns on top.

Use the small acorns in a fall sensory bin with fake leaves. Kids love sensory bins and having a seasonal themes is a perfect way to celebrate fall.


Acorn Coloring Pages


If you want simply color use this simple acorn coloring page for printable coloring pages. The outline works well for coloring with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. This is such an easy fall activity. Coloring is always so relaxing to do as an adult or to get kids sitting still for a few minutes.


Supplies Needed:


To make an acorn craft you just need a few simple supplies

Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use

White printer or cardstock paper

Brown and light brown construction paper

Black marker

Optional: paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners


Using the Acorn Template


To make an acorn craft you just need a few simple supplies

First download the free pdf template of your choice.

Then print out the template on white printer paper or white cardstock paper. This can. be done on a home printer or at a print shop.

You can color or paint directly on the template.

Another option is to use scissors to cut out the acorn shape. Then trace the template shape on a piece of construction paper. Then cut out the construction paper.

Then add any additional embellishments with glue or tape. Such as pipe cleaners or googly eyes.

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