Free Printable Bat Templates

free printable bat template for crafts

Printable Bat Templates


Are you ready to go batty this Halloween? Here are some fun free printable bat outlines and templates. 

These free printable bats can be used for crafts, coloring, making party decor, home decorating, and even classroom decor. 

They are perfect for making crafts with young kids. Crafting works on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and allows kids to use their imagination. 

All you need to do access the templates is click on the click here button above the picture of the template you want to use! You will need a pdf reader for the pdf files. 

Let’s make some cute bats to hanging out with! 


6 free printable bat templates


First is a large black bat. This one is great for party decorations and decorating the home. Print out the bat multiple times to decorate a door or make a banner. You can trace the black bat on card stock paper.

CLICK HERE for the large bat

free printable large bat outline for crafts or decorations.

Next is a bat outline. This large bat is excellent for making crafts with kids. Print it out on card stock paper for a strong paper for crafting. Then use it for a variety of crafts. Below I will give a few fun ideas for bat crafts.

CLICK HERE for the bat outline

large bat outline free printable

Now is the outline in a medium size! I love this one for crafts too. Having a variety of sizes gives you different options to use one template or a bunch of sizes.

CLICK HERE for the medium bat outline. 

medium bat template free printable

This bat is to trace on paper and make a cut and paste bat craft. Trace it on black paper for the body. Gray for the feet. White for the eyes and teeth. Then pink or gray for the nose. Really you can use any colors. I think I might want a purple bat!

CLICK HERE for the bat craft template. 

free printable paper bat craft template

Next is an even simpler bat craft! All you need to do for this is cut out the pieces and glue them together with a glue stick. Bend the wings along the flap and tape them to the front of the body to make them pop out. You can also make it a bat puppet by adding brads and poking holes in the wing and body on both sides. Kids can also glue it on to a painted Halloween backdrop. 

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste bat.

free printable build a bat craft

Next is a bat hat! I love this cute bat. Color or paint the bat pieces. You can also trace the template on black card stock or black construction paper. Then cut out the pieces and glue them all together. You have a cute bat hat! 

CLICK HERE for the bat hat printable. CLICK HERE for the bat face for the printable bat hat for crafts and parties free printable bat hat


Bat Craft Ideas


There are so many fun ways to use these templates. Here are just a few ideas!

Make a marble bat craft! Put shaving cream in a disposable baking pan or on a large paper plate. Then add globs of paint in different spots. I like to choose 2 or 3 colors. Then swirl the colors and shaving cream together with a toothpick or plastic fork. Dip the bat paper in the shaving cream on one side smoothing it down. Then lift up the paper and dab or squeegee the extra paint off.

Next a tissue paper bat! Put glue on the bat outline or large bat template. Add small squares of black or purple tissue paper. That’s all easy peasy!

Bat wand! I love making wands and so do kids. Use a wooden dowel or paper straw for the handle of the wand. Then tape the back of the template to the paper straw. Add streamers, tissue paper, or tinsel to the bottom of the back. Then you have a cute bat wand!

A bat hanging upside down! Use a paper straw, wooden dowel, or stick. Use any side of bat outline you want. Paint or color on the bat and add googley eyes. Then add pipe cleaners for the feet. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick and let the bat hang up.

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