Free Printable Halloween Masks

free printable halloween masks coloring and colored in



Free Printable Halloween Masks


These adorable Halloween masks are great for a class party, Halloween party, pretend play with kids, and for costumes! All you need to do is print them out, color in(if using the coloring version), and add string(or elastic) to the back.

These masks make for a great Halloween activity with kids. Coloring and cutting out the pieces is a great craft to work on fine motor skills! Kids will love getting into the Halloween spirit with these free printable masks.

I have tons of other fun Halloween printables and activities to get in ready for Halloween. Try this build a monster activity. I also have these Halloween printable gift and treat tags.

8 Free Printable Halloween Masks


There are 4 different Halloween designs. Each design comes in a colored in version to simply cut and assemble. They also come in a coloring version to color, cut, and put together. The coloring option makes it more of an interactive element for kids. If you want to have the colored in version ready for kids to wear at a Halloween party that is super fun too!

Free Printable Cat Mask


First is a cute cat mask! This mask is great for a cat costume, cat party mask, cat themed party, or for a fun activity with kids.

CLICK HERE for the color version. CLICK HERE for the coloring version.

free printable cat mask free printable coloring cat mask


Free Printable Frankenstein Mask


Next is a cute Frankenstein mask. Yes, Frankensteins can be cute! This Frankenstein’s monster mask comes in the coloring version. Also, a colorful mask.

CLICK HERE for the colored in version of the Frankenstein mask. CLICK HERE for the coloring version.

free printable Fankenstein mask for Halloween free printable coloring Fankenstein mask for Halloween


Free Printable Pumpkin Mask


These pumpkin masks are the best for the little kids. All cute not creepy! Print and cut or use the color in mask templates. These are great to wear while decorating pumpkins for a pumpkin party!

CLICK HERE for the colored in version. CLICK HERE for the coloring version.

Free printable pumpkin mask free printable coloring pumpkin mask


Free Printable Werewolf Mask

These masks are a little more spooky but still cute! They are fun werewolf masks. These are good for all ages for parties or a werewolf costume.

CLICK HERE for the free printable color werewolf mask. CLICK HERE for the coloring werewolf mask.

free printable werewolf mask free printable coloring werewolf mask


Using the Printable Masks


To use the masks download the free printable pdf file. The digital file is in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader to open the file. These masks are for personal use, non-commercial use. However, you can print it out a bunch of times for a group of kids for a Halloween party.

Next you will need a printer or print at a local print shop. My suggestion is to print on cardstock paper so it is sturdy. You can also print on printer paper but it could rip. Especially with kids I like to use sturdy paper. Print the mask template multiple times if you need more than one.

Once you have printed out your masks. Time to make a mask! First, if kids are coloring the masks they can color directly on the printed out sheet.

Cut out the mask shapes along the outer black line. Cut out the eye holes. I usually poke a hole with sharp scissors to start cut out the eye holes.

Punch a hole on the right and left side of the mask. The hole should be in the middle of the mask.

Tie string or ribbon around the hole.

Cut the string in the back with enough extra string to tie it in the back.

You can also use elastic or even a strip of paper. Then glue it to the back of the mask measure around the kids head to make sure there is plenty of space for them to comfortably put the mask on.

Now you have some cute Halloween masks for a Halloween activity or for Halloween parties!

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