Free Printable Leaf Template for Crafts

free printable leaf outlines and templates for crafts


Large Leaf Template Printable


Who loves fall? The leaves turn those wonderful orange and yellow colors. The air is crisp and cool. Fall is one of the best times of year. It is also the best time of year for some fall leaf crafts! I have some free printable fall leaf templates for fun fall leaf crafts. Choose from various shapes and sizes of leaves. From maple leaves to oak leaves.

These templates are perfect for crafting with young kids whether they are in preschool or elementary school. Kids can paint the templates, color them, or make an easy craft. Then cut out those leaf shapes. Crafting and cutting helps kids to work on fine motor skills. Crafting is also fun for kids. Use this craft with a book about fall for a fall season activity. Use different leaves on a Fall Tree Craft! You can also find the colored in version of the tree and small leaves in that post.


8 Leaf Shapes and Different Sizes


If you are making a fall craft or using the leaf printable outlines for party decorations you might need some different sizes of leaves. The free leaf templates come in different shapes and multiple sizes. There are different types of leaves for fall crafts and other times of the year. The leaf shapes have a simple outline making them easy to decorate and cut out. That way they can be used for multiple purposes including crafts, party decorations, fall coloring pages, and decorating a bulletin board.

The first free printable leaf template is a large oak leave. I absolutely love oak trees! These leaves are the perfect fall leaves for crafts. The large size is great for painting projects. Below I will give a few examples for ways to use these templates.

CLICK HERE for the oak leaf.

oak leaf large outline

Next is a smaller size of the oak leaf. There are six leaves per sheet of paper. You can print this on cardstock paper or white printer paper. This size is great for fall decorations or to use on bulletin boards.

CLICK HERE for the small oak leaf template.

free printable small oak leaf template

Next is a large maple leaf. This is great for projects for my Canadian friends. Use the large maple leaf for crafts and party decorations.

CLICK HERE for the large maple leaf template.

large maple leaf template free printable

Why have one maple leaf when you can have a bunch? This next size has four leaves on a page. This size can be used for crafts or decorations.

CLICK HERE for the small maple leaf template.

free printable maple leaf small size template

Next is a large size classic oval-shaped leaf. This simple blank leaf template is great for young kids because of the large size and thick lines.

CLICK HERE for the large leaf template. CLICK HERE for the large leaf template with just the outline.

free printable large leaf template

The medium size of the oval-shaped leaves template has two leaves per paper. This shape is easy to cut out and use for crafts.

CLICK HERE for the medium leaf template.

free printable medium leaf template

I have one more size of this leaf shape that is a small size. This size can be used for fall crafts and fall activities.

CLICK HERE for the small oval leaf template. CLICK HERE for the small leaves with lines.

free printable small leaf template


Leaf Craft Projects


If you are looking for fun crafts you are in the right place! Use any of these ideas or your own idea to use the leaf templates for different projects and crafts.


Tree Painting with Printable Leaves


For the small leaves have kids paint a tree trunk and branches with brown paint. I also have a tree without leaves template to use. Print the small leaf template on colorful cardstock paper such as orange and yellow. Then kids can glue the paper leaves on the tree using a glue stick or white glue.

Leaf String Art


Make leaf string art! Add paint to a string and place it on the top outline of the large leaf. Then pull the string down and across the leaf. This will make a fun painting effect. Cut out the leaves when you are done and hang them up!


Watercolor Leaves


Paint them with watercolor paints. I love watercolors because you can use them for so many projects. Make sure to print the leaf printable templates on cardstock paper when painting so it doesn’t rip. Paint the leaf in fall colors or just mix fun colors.


Real Leaf Painting


Paint leaves using real leaves for the paint brush. You can do this by dipping a leaf in paint them pressing it on to the outline. You can also tie leaves to the end of a stick to make a natural paint brush. Them dip the paintbrush in paint and paint the leaf template.

Leaf Stencil


Use them for fall leaf stencils. Just cut out the leaf shapes to make stencils. Use them for tracing and craft projects.


Leaf Coloring Pages


Color them in for simple printable coloring pages. Make fun patterns with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. Coloring is such a simple and relaxing activity.


Leaf Collage


Collect real leaves and fall materials from outside. Then glue them on to the template for a fun little fall collage.


Leaf Sun Catcher


Make a leaf sun catcher. Cut out the middle leaf shape. Then add contact paper or clear packaging tape to the back of the template. Cut up small square pieces of tissue paper. Then kids can place the tissue paper on the sheet it should stick on. Once the leaf is filled in add more contact paper or packaging tape on top facing down. Cut out the outside of the outline and you have a fun leaf sun catcher.


Leaf People


Make cute leaf people! The medium size templates are great for this craft. Trace the leaf on colorful paper. You can use green, red, yellow, orange, or any color kids want. Glue on googly eyes and draw a mouth on with black marker to make the face. Then make arms and legs with pipe cleaners. Just cut the pipe cleaner in half, tape the end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the template on both sides for arms. Then make a little loop or v shape for the hand. Then repeat on the bottom for the legs.


Supplies Needed:


The free printable pdf file of your choice. This file is for personal, non-commercial use but feel free to print it out multiple times.

Printer or print it at a print shop.

White cardstock or printer paper

Colorful cardstock or construction paper. If you are printing directly on to colorful paper make sure it is 8.5×11″ size.


Glue stick or white glue

Optional: googly eyes, string, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, paints, crayons, or markers

These leaf printable templates and outlines are so much fun to use with young children for crafting. They also are great for parties and decorations. use them in any way I mentioned above or come up with your own fun ideas!

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