Free Printable Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

free printable turkey craft templates


Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Printable


If you are looking for a fun and cute Thanksgiving craft for kids for Thanksgiving, look no further! These adorable little turkeys are such an easy turkey craft for kids. Simply print out the free printable template, cut out the pieces, and glue them together. You can also add paint, color in the turkeys, or other fun craft materials.

This craft is great for kids of all ages but especially younger kids. Work on kids fine motor skills while having fun making turkeys. This is a great craft for kids to do at Thanksgiving dinner or a Thanksgiving party. Make them in class with a group of kids or at home. They also are great for decorating a bulletin board in the classroom.

If you need some other Thanksgiving fun make this Thanksgiving season use these turkey hats, turkey in disguise, pilgrim hats, or build a turkey bags for kids. I also have scarecrows and of course pie. You can never for get the pie on Thanksgiving! There are enough Thanksgiving activities for the whole month of November and for the whole family to make!

Below you will find the printable templates. I have included a few options for a fun Thanksgiving craft. Make one or more of the crafts using the free Thanksgiving templates. Just pick the turkey you want to use, download the template by pressing the download button, print it out, and get to crafting.

4 Turkey Templates


First is a simple cut and paste turkey template. This is the easiest version because all you have to do is cut out the pieces and glue them together. Kids can cut them out or have them ready for kids to just glue together. It comes with the body piece and feathers separate. Then if they want to add any extra decorations on top that would be fun too! Once the craft is completed they can be used for party decorations or to decorate a bulletin board in a classroom.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste turkey craft. CLICK HERE for the feathers.


Next up is an easy color in printable turkey craft. This turkey craft is similar to the last one but it is a color in version. This adds another part of fun to this easy craft. Color it in with markers, dot markers, crayons, or colored pencils. The template can also be painted on. Just make sure to use cardstock paper for painting because it is thicker and won’t rip as easily. Color it in, cut it out, and glue the pieces together.

CLICK HERE for the coloring turkey craft. CLICK HERE for the feathers.

turkey body template

This next turkey is a turkey coloring page. It is a simple coloring page for kids of all ages to color in. This is a fun activity for kids to do on Thanksgiving at the kids table.

CLICK HERE for the turkey coloring page.

turkey template coloring page

Last is just a turkey outline shape. This one can just be colored or painted. Add tissue paper or other easy craft materials to the turkey outline to make a simple turkey. This one is great for a variety of projects and kids can really make it their own.

CLICK HERE for the turkey outline.


Turkey Headbands


Now these turkeys are super cute for a turkey hat craft. Kids can make them and wear them! It is a great party craft because it doubles as a party hat. Kids absolutely love wearable craft. It comes in two versions one is just a cut and paste option with the colorful feathers to put on the hat. The second version is blank for kids to color in the hat. Use one kind of both!

CLICK HERE for the turkey headband colored in version. CLICK HERE for the feathers.

CLICK HERE for the turkey hat coloring version. CLICK HERE for the feathers

free printable colorful turkey headband free printable coloring turkey headband free printable turkey feathers free printable colorful turkey feathers




The pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use.

White printer paper or white card stock paper A4 size

Home printer or send to a print shop

Brown construction paper, yellow, orange, and red

Optional: googly eyes, tissue paper, markers, crayons, or paints

Glue sticks


Now lets make a Thankful Turkey Craft

First you will want to download the free pdf file for the printable thanksgiving craft of your choice. You will need a pdf reader to open the file.

Next print out the file on your home printer or send it to a print shop. If you are crafting directly on the paper for example adding glue print on cardstock paper. It is thicker and holds up better with glue or paint than printer paper.

If you are coloring or painting the template color directly on the paper before cutting out the pieces.

Next cut out the pieces of the turkey.

For tracing trace the turkey body on brown paper, for the feathers use orange and yellow paper. For older kids they can cut out the pieces for younger children assist them with cutting out the pieces.

Next up it is time to glue all the pieces together! Use glue sticks to glue the pieces together for lower mess. You can glue them on to a white or colorful paper for the background. Add turkey feathers to behind the body of the turkey. Add the turkey feet. Then glue the body and turkey’s head together.

If you want to then draw a fun background for the turkey.

These fun Thanksgiving turkey crafts are great for the Thanksgiving table to lay out for a fun kids craft on thanksgiving. Then parents can take them home for great keepsakes. Just pick the free printable turkey template that is right for your turkey activity. The templates can be used to make printable Thanksgiving crafts, cards, and even Thanksgiving decorations.

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