Free Printable Witch Hat Craft Template

free printable print and cut witch hat

Free Printable Witch Hat Template


It is the spooky Halloween season full of witches, ghosts, and goblins! In the spirit of Halloween I have made a few fun witch hat templates for crafting. Kids of all ages will find fun crafts to make for Halloween with a free printable template.

These crafts are great for a halloween party craft. They also are a fun way to work on kids fine motor skills. All you need are a few supplies and the free printable witch hat template to start this easy halloween craft.

I am including a few different templates for witch crafts because you might need a big witch hat or a small one. Whether kids want to make witch hat paper crowns or have witch hat coloring pages there is something for everyone.


Witch Hat Templates


First you will find a witch hat paper crown template. This witch hat is great for parties or just crafting with kids. There is a more detailed and simple version. Kids can cut out the shape of the witch hat and the straight pieces. Then simply tape the straight pieces to the main witch hat piece on the left and right sides. Measure around the kids heads to fit it in the back and cut off any extra of the strips. Then tape it in the back and you are done. This is a very easy craft for kids. Kids absolutely love hats and witch hat paper crowns! This hat can be used with a witch costume on Halloween.

CLICK HERE for the witch hat with lines. CLICK HERE for the simple witch hat.

witch hat printable headband

Another way to make a wearable witch hat is to use a paper plate for the bottom of the hat. Kids can paint the paper plate black or purple. Make a cone out of another plate for the pointed part of the hat. Add the below decorations to the hat with colorful paper and you have a party hat!

CLICK HERE for the paper hat decorations.

witch hat pieces for paper plate

Next is a simple witch hat outline. This is great for easy crafts with young kids. The witch hat outline can also be used for making Halloween party decorations. Color it in as a simple coloring page or use for class decorations.

CLICK HERE for the witch hat outline.

printable witches hat template

This witch’s hat outline is an outline with details on the witch hat. It works great for coloring and crafting. There is a white version and a colored in version. The colored in version is great for decorating a bulletin board in a classroom.

CLICK HERE for witch hat.



Witch Hat Crafts


Witch Tissue Paper Craft

Tissue paper is one of my favorite materials to craft with. It is inexpensive and low mess. Well kind of low mess, sometimes kids add gobs of glue and up the mess factor. To reduce the mess use glue sticks instead of white glue. For this craft simply cut up tissue paper into small squares. Kids can spread glue on the witch hat template. Then add pieces of tissue paper on top of the witch hat. Let it dry and you are all done.

Witch Hat Painting Projects

Use a variety of different techniques to paint the witch hats! You can use watercolor paints, washable paints, or acrylic paints. Paint with sponges, toilet paper rolls, or potatoes for fun silly painting materials. You can also just paint with a paint brush. I like to mix it up and use different materials around the house. This is a great craft for a school craft project.

Witch Hat Coloring Page

Use the templates for free printable witch hat coloring pages. The template makes for an easy way to color with kids. Use colored pencils, markers, dot markers, or crayons to color the witch hat. This is the perfect coloring page for young kids because it is large and makes it easy for kids to color in the lines.

Witch Hat Craft Supplies

Pdf files to print out for personal use, non-commercial use. Feel free to print it out multiple times for a lot of children.

White printer paper or cardstock paper. If you are going to be painting on the paper or using a lot of glue then I suggest using cardstock paper because it is sturdier.

Glue stick or white glue

Optional: tissue paper, paint, construction paper, etc.

Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

How to Use the Templates

Once you have your supplies ready it is time to make a witch hat!

Download the printable pdf file of your choice. Choose one or more hat witch template. You will need a pdf reader to open the file.

Print out your template. If you are using it to trace on other paper such as construction paper or colorful cardstock paper just print out on printer paper. If you are wearing it from the printed out sheet use card stock paper for a sturdy paper.

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