Free Printable Woodland Animals For Crafts

free printable templates for woodland animal crafts

Printable Cut Out Woodland Animal Templates and Outlines


Woodland animals are so cute and mystical. If you are wanting some woodland animal templates for a simple kids craft or to use for party decorations you have come to the right place. Just simply pick out which woodland animal you want or feel free to use them all. Then download the free printable template in pdf format and get to crafting. The simple cut and paste woodland animals are easy for young children to use in crafting.

Fall is a great time for crafting and woodland animals fit perfectly with a fall themed craft. Here you will find a free template for a bunch of woodland animals. This includes a squirrel, fox, owl, and hedgehog.  Feel free to use all of the forest animals for fun fall crafting. These templates can last the whole fall season for crafting.


Different Woodland Animal Templates


Download the printables by pressing the CLICK HERE button above each picture. There are ideas for how to use them at the end of the post.

The woodland creatures have different designs. Feel free to use one of the animals or all of them. The cute animals include a squirrel, owl, hedgehog, and fox. There are different options for types of woodland animal craft templates.

Squirrel Templates


First is is just an outline of the squirrel woodland animal. If you are doing a craft that just needs the outline of the animals this white option with an outline will be best. Use paint or other craft materials such as tissue paper to fill it in then add googly eyes and pipe cleaners for nose and mouth to complete the craft outline. I like this option because it is a blank slate for crafts.

CLICK HERE for the squirrel outline.


Squirrel outline template



Use the full sideways squirrel animal templates for coloring pages. For crafts add tissue paper, or scraps of paper for simple crafts. Crafting and coloring are great ways to work on fine motor skills with young kids.

CLICK HERE for the squirrel template.

cute squirrel free printable template

This cute squirrel coloring page and template is easy to color, cut out, and use. Kids can glue it to another page and add more acorns or just use it as a coloring page.

CLICK HERE for the cute squirrel.


squirrel template free printable

Next is a color, cut, and paste option. This option lets kids color in the craft before putting it together. Color with markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Then cut out the pieces and assemble them. This is an easy way to craft with kids. It is simple enough for kids of all ages to make.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste squirrel. CLICK HERE for the body.

free printable squirrel craft cut outs free printable squirrel body for crafts

Acorn craft template. If you want the squirrels to be holding some small acorns this little acorn template has a bunch of acorns for those hungry squirrels! Kids can color in the acorns and have a pile of acorns for the squirrel with the squirrel holding one.

CLICK HERE for the small acorn template.

printable small acorn craft template


Owl Craft Templates


First is a simple owl coloring page. This coloring page is great for all ages. It has thick enough lines for young kids but enough detail for the older kids to enjoy. Print out multiple copies for coloring with a group of kids.

CLICK HERE for the owl coloring page.


simple owl coloring page


If you want make an owl craft this next template is for you. Trace the pieces or just color them in and paste them together. Use brown construction paper for the body, lighter brown for the belly and outside of the eyes. Then orange for the beak and feet. Glue all of the pieces together for a fun easy craft with little ones.

CLICK HERE for the owl craft template.

free printable owl craft template

Want to make an owl puppet? Use these pieces to glue on a brown paper bag to make a fun owl puppet!

CLICK HERE for the owl puppet template.

free printable owl puppet

The last owl is a build an owl craft. Color in the owl, cut out the pieces, and glue them together. This is a super easy craft with just a few steps.

CLICK HERE for the build an owl craft.

free printable build an owl.


Fox Craft Templates


First is a fox coloring page. This cute fox is a great easy coloring page for kids.

CLICK HERE for the fox coloring page.

easy fox coloring page free printable


Hedgehog Templates


The first hedgehog template is a simple coloring page. This cute hedgehog is flipped over with his belly up. There are two options for coloring pages.

CLICK HERE for the hedgehog coloring page.


free printable hedge hog template for coloring

The next hedgehog outline is a sideways hedgehog. This hedge hog can be used for coloring and crafting.

CLICK HERE for the hedgehog outline.

free printable hedgehog outline

Next is the sideways hedgehog for a cut and paste craft. You can use the pieces to trace on color cardstock or construction paper as well. This is a super simple craft for kids. Add leaves, play doh, or tissue paper for a fun craft.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste hedgehog.

free printable hedge hog craft template


Now you will find the hedgehog with it’s belly up for a cut and paste craft. Once again you can trace the pieces on paper or color them in.

CLICK HERE for the hedgehog cut outs.

free printable hedgehog craft template

This next one is the same as the last one but the outer piece is round. It can be used for a scissors exercise with kids. Draw lines around the outside going in towards the middle. Then kids can cut along those lines. When they are done curl up those pieces to give it depth.

CLICK HERE for the rounded hedgehog template.

free printable round hedge hog template



Woodland Animal Colorful Cutouts

These woodland animals can just be printed, cut out, and used for crafts. They are also cute for party decorations. The woodland animals here include a fox, bear, deer, and squirrel. If you need simple woodland animals these are the right ones for you. Kids can paint or color a forest background to add the animals to or they can be put on a bulletin board.

CLICK HERE for the woodland animals printable.

free printable woodland animal cut outs


Ways to Use the Woodland Animals


There are so many ways you can use the cute woodland animals. Use them in any of the ways I mention or come up with your own fun way to use them.

Party decorations! First these templates would be so cute for birthday party or baby shower decorations. Use the free animal printables for centerpieces, banners, cake toppers, or even for a woodland favor bag template on paper bags. Woodland parties are such a cute theme.

If you have a woodland themed room these printables can work for room decorations. That was my son’s nursery room theme. We had mountains on the wall and cute woodland animals.

Next just a simple craft for young kids to follow easy steps and glue the pieces together. You can trace the pieces on construction paper and glue them together.

Coloring pages. Kids love coloring and it such an easy activity to do with kids. Let them color in the animals with a variety of colors. Then cut out the pieces and glue them together. Easy fun for a day of crafting with kids.

For the blank template you have a ton of options for how to use it. For a fall craft it can be fun to paint with leaves. Use a leaf as a paint brush and dip it in paint. Then press the leaf on the template making a leaf shape.

Downloading the free templates


Click on the link for the free download of the pdf file template you want to use. Remember these are for personal use, non-commercial use, but they can be printed out multiple times for a group of kids of all ages.

Print out the template on white printer paper or cardstock paper.

Color, cut, and glue the pieces together for the craft templates.

Easy as that! I hope you enjoy these fun woodland animal cut out crafts!


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