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Build a Santa Printable


Santa, Santa I know him! It is the holiday season and that means Santa Claus is coming to town. Get kids in the holiday spirit with this fun build a Santa craft. It is such a simple craft to make with young kids from preschool through elementary school. Have fun getting ready for Christmas with this fun craft. It can be fun for the whole family to make together.

All you need to do is download the free pdf file, print it out, cut out the Santa pieces, and glue them together. The free printable Christmas crafts are fun for kids and easy to put together.

This craft works on kids fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Cutting, coloring, and gluing are all great for working on these skills. It also has big enough pieces that it shouldn’t be too challenging for the little ones to put together. When it is completed put Santa on a popsicle stick and make him into a puppet if you want to use it for pretend play!

This craft is great for classroom use, for a Christmas party, or to use at home with your kids. It is also fun to make while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. Isn’t Christmas time so fun?!

There are so many Christmas books about Santa to read with this activity. Pick your favorite book to read with your kids or class. Then make this Santa craft.

What is your favorite Christmas activity or tradition? We always drive around and look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. It is such a simple activity that the whole family loves. Baking cookies together and making easy Christmas crafts are also some of my favorite things to do.


Build a Santa Free Printable Template


First is a color in version. This adds a little more fun to the activity. Kids can color in their Santa however they want. Maybe their Santa wants an orange suite or maybe he will look like a traditional Santa.

CLICK HERE for the coloring version of the Santa.

free printable build a Santa coloring craft


Next up is the colored in version. This one is so easy to use and what mom(or teacher) doesn’t love an easy craft? It is an easy cut and paste Santa.

CLICK HERE for the colored in version of the Santa.

free printable build a Santa colored in


Santa Puppet

For extra fun use the build a Santa templates to make a simple puppet. The easiest way is to tape a popsicle stick to the back of the completed Santa craft.

Another way to make the Santa template into a puppet is to punch holes on the sides of the body and the part that connects the legs. Punch holes in the body part first. Then punch a hole in the top part of both of the legs. Then the top part of the arms where they connect to the body.

Santa Head Craft


Here is an easy Santa craft to make with the build a Santa. Use this free template to make an easy Santa. All you have to do is print out the Santa head and add cotton balls for Santa’s beard. Another option is to use white tissue paper for the beard. I tend to use whatever material I have on hand. Use a glue stick or white glue for adding the cotton balls. Kids can draw on the body for Santa. This is a fun craft for kids of all ages.

You can add a cotton ball each day for a countdown to Christmas or Hershey kisses on and eat one each day for a super easy countdown to Christmas.

You can use the Santa head for coloring pages for a really simple Christmas activity too.

CLICK HERE for the Santa head with countdown to Christmas.

Santa beard countdown to Christmas


CLICK HERE for the colored in version.

santa face for crafts


CLICK HERE for the coloring version.

Santa face coloring page



Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use but you can print it out a bunch of times to use with kids.

Home printer or print it at a print shop.

White card stock paper. You can use printer paper but cardstock paper is thicker and won’t rip as easily.


Glue stick

Optional: crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Colorful cardstock paper to use for a background.

If you want more Santa fun I have a Santa hat to make and wear. There are also a bunch of other Christmas hats. I have some other free Christmas printables for crafting with young kids include candy canes, ornaments, hot cocoa cup, elf, and gingerbread man. Christmas time is so much fun I could craft all season long!

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